Is IB Down?


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I cannot log on to IB this morning. Anyone having the same problem?


Hopefully we will get a message on the IB bulletin section of TWS ?
I had the same problems last night and this morning (on Stand Alone TWS)

I was able to log on using browser based TWS.

Dont know what the problem is though.


I logged on to IB ok, but didn't realise until 2.30 that the YM symbol had disappeared. Was this due to the changes at CBOT over the last few days? I had to re-enter symbol, and the exchange is now ECBOT. Presumably those with browser based TWS didn't get this problem, IB would change it automatically. I've also had to set up a new sierra chart with the new exchange.Does anyone know how I can integrate this with the previous data for the contract quarter
Bored - you just have to manually edit the file to read YM-200312-ECBOT.mnd rather than -ACE.mnd and that will allow the data to carry on collecting in the same file.

Just done as you advised, data now merged and collecting under ECBOT
Thanks again!
on the prior ace system - not all trades were reported - which led some to believe that the ym was less volatile than it really is - its not on the ace system anymore ( ace was a eurex system), so would be good to get a heads up from anyone who watches ym all the time if they feel they see any differences in short term ranges of the ym
I wish I'd read all that cr*p. I've been too busy changing progs over on to different machines and thought I'd ****** up!
Been uninstalling re-installing and all that.......
I had YM updating in IB but couldn't get a chart.
Thanks, working OK now
Stevet -

so far looks pretty much the same to me! But then, I'm not a pro so what do I know? ;) :cheesy: