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I can't say I am happy with the invisible mode...why do we need it? Are there any regular members using this, if so, can they explain why? Everytime I log in I see a couple of invisible people lurking, it never makes sense to me...I wonder what other regular users think about for me I obviously don't like writing post for the invisible...

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Well..then again you're a gentleman, stevey...I see this is your first post, welcome aboard...

Hiya Riz,

Well you're right, any member can set it in their profile that they do not appear in the list of members on the BB Overview page. I think they just get listed as a guest, so you can still track how many people are online.

Now whether or not this is something agreeable to the members who openly use and post on the BB I do not know. Is this a matter anyone else has a view on? Of course anyone can view the forums when they're not logged in, so any member wanting to remain invisible could just log out and cruise round the boards.

It would be possible to make it a requirement that you log in as a member before using the board, does anybody have any views on this? Or is the present open policy more agreeable. Perhaps we could have a vote?!?

Hi Sharky,

I meant members lurking when it says "There are currently 5 member(s) and 2 guest(s) on the boards." but you see only 3 names of members underneath meaning 2 are invisible, that's what I don't understand, why should our members prefer lurking invisibly? Maybe it's on their profile by default and not that they've chosen it...I don't think that option is necessary and I'd rather see what fellow members are active on the BB when I log in...

As for guests of course it's a separate issue, as far as I know they have to register before post replying or starting a thread, etc..

ah now i remember that's how it works - which makes sense, since guests are those users not logged in. Well in any case its unlikely to be turned on by default, since the default is not to be invisible. I can only think that some people feel quite strongly about their privacy and turn this on without really thinking. For some people anonymity and the net go hand in hand. Which is not suprising the amount of junk mail i get on my hotmail account.

Anyway as administrator, I always get to see who's on. So perhaps that's why I haven't noticed people using it so much.... Oh come on, I am administrator.. I do get these little privlidges, and I promise not to tell! LOL.
yup, you have mail! lol...

not that i get that many messages :(

Cheers Sharky,

I leave the rest in your super hands, you handle this issue as well as the 'curiosity' whatever you think the best way is...

Yesterday I tested the new site a bit, left messages as I went along...