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Index King In Da' House !!!!!!!!!

Hello to everyone. Yes good ol' IK is back, cleaning toilets and kicking indices !

Seriously though I have much trouble trying to post message while using broadband so have to use dial up account instead.

Also while away in Spain I had to vist Rodriguez Yankem dentist surgery to have a wisdom removed so have been recovering for week or so, Also pencellin not agree with IK and IK suffered fainting fits and some other intimate problems ! However all is well now and I am glad to be back.

IK get a hefty ball chewing from friend who gave me method I use to post trade opportunities. He concerned that I give enough information to lead others to work it out.

I am allowed to give instructions as to what I do so that is all I can do. Please to not ask questions of method !

I will be posting DOW/FTSE trades this time. These are a modification of the method I use and will not be for usual duration of one trading day. Example trade

I say Buy Ftse/Sell Dow at difference X
Take 50 points if you get it or wait until I post when to cancel and take profit.

What happens is that you get on the trade usually after close of bell in Dow session. There will be a few points leeway here !
The trade will get going in the next session. You can either wait and take 50 points if you get it or I'll post to say close trade and take profits. Do this as soon as you read it !

As I say these trades will last more than a day, maybe week or two and you may have a small loss to cope with between the start and your 50 points or me saying Take Profits. If you carry losss please not to close out until I tell you. This way worst case scenario is small loss. I have been testing 3 systems and this produces 84% success rate. You will see as the rest of the year pans out ! Trust me, this is beauty.
Skeptics may want to just follow the advice to see Index King not bulling. Fair enough.

Stay tooned for next trade.

Index King
welcome back.Wondering what happened to you.Thought your woman may have had you chained up in a basement somewhere in Spain!!

Hi IK,

Could be a long wait for you to post exit after your travels.

FTSE/Dow looking to go contra-trend.

The trend is to Buy Dow and Sell FTSE but.. the charts are looking like the FTSE will Break-out to the up-side and the Dow range bound likely to break-down

Which way round are you looking at - going with the trend or against it ?
Welcome back IK

You were definitely missed by your fans here on T2W.

You are up there now with the big boys, Bonsai, Sunseeker, Chartman etc.

Nice to hear that you are recovering from your illness.

I hope for your fans sake you can deliver the goods.
Good to have you back IK. You started posting when I was on holiday and had gone before I came back.

It will be interesting to see your new trading strategy but I hope you can indicate how much room you allow before a profit is made. There is a system similar to this one on another board, it even has the same 50 point target and about the same success rate. Most of the time 50 points are made but some traders close in a panic when the index goes a long way against them. This results in big losses rather than small gains.

With an 84% success rate, lots of novice traders will think this is easy money but might have a nasty shock if they use too much margin and don't allow for a big stop.

So a bit of advice on how much of your capital should be risked and how far you are prepared to see the index go in the wrong direction would be helpful.
Bigbusiness said:
There is a system similar to this one on another board, it even has the same 50 point target and about the same success rate.

Which board is that BB - do tell.

Thanks for your replys. This new system is a modified version of difference tradings. The 50 point target is a choice you can make if you want to close position. It is not fixed ! You are better off waiting for me to say close out though. This is not the same as you've seen elsewhere !
From what you say this method seen elsewhere is nothing more than buying into moving averages ! This is very dangerous which although may be good success rate, the few losers generally crimp or wipe out any gains made. Been there done that !

I tested this new one with DOW/FTSE, DOW/DAX, DOW/CAC and each pair returned exactly an 84 % success rate over a period of a year. I did over 3000 calculations to arrive at this method and to test it, so it unlikely to be seen elsewhere !

Thanks for asking about betting amounts. For this I would suggest MINIMUM stakes. £1, 50pences etc. As I say before this trade likely to last few days not one, and a loss may need to be carried without closing. If you want stop loss targets then you could take 150 points or less hit. From those who follow IK in past you know my aversion to stop lossing (stop losss=stop gain !!!)

I should be able to post the first trade soon (next few days).

Please not to do conkers on my trades. As I said 84% success also mean 16% fail. However losses will be small and more than compensated overtime.

Hope to post first one soon.

Have a nice day.
Hi IK,

Good to see u back - I was following your posts with some sceptism and had just about changed my mind and was waiting to do my first trade following your instructions when u went on hols !

Am looking forward to your first trade - combination of you, Chartman and Sunseeker had better help me succeed :)


It was on ADVFN premium board but the signals are no longer posted there. It was only similar in the fact that it looked for a 50 point target, left the stop to the discretion of the trader and had a similar success rate. It wasn't a pairs system and had nothing to do with moving averages. I worked out bits of it but still haven't worked out how it works.

The point I was making was that lots of people have made money but a few were stopped out too early or did not take a profit when it was available and have lost out. A novice trader might see an 84% success rate and think they can't loose.

Index King has been kind and given the extra information I was looking for and now I have a better idea of how to trade his signals.
I'd be interested in that extra information on both systems cos i wouldn't be comfortable trading blind.

Feel free to pm me or email

150 points stoploss and only 50 points reward? This is a 0.3 reward/Risk..

I have run a simulation of a worse case scenario under these conditions with 5000K total capital £8 commision 84% success rate 150 points stop at 1/point and 50 points reward and the capital grew to £5783 after 100 trades...

Remember 84% success rate is a HUGE HUGE edge over the market and not even insitutions have such a edge.. God forbid if your 84% does not perform because it wont takes long before your are wipped with such a low reward/Risk

Please enclosed find the simulation ..


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Grey re commision...trying running it at say $3.5 a side and look at the result.....for information , I TRY to pair trade divergence usually over UK lunchtime period, when mkt is usually stable, simple calculation of 3 indexes divided into each other, FTSE, DOW, and DAX or S/P, usually getting about $100 ish which based on risk/exposure I find fine and normally pays my daily costs...some days I get it 2 or 3 times other not at all.

Anyway, looks like IK has devised something a lot more robust than my 'fag packet' calculation so thanks for that effort....

On the tooth front have my girlfrend lying here with me now as she lost two wisdoms understand how you may have been feeling.....

The stop loss is for people who feel they need one as in posts above asked. My system does not do stop loss because losses are minimal on this. The 50 points profit target is if you want to get off anytime before I post the get off time ! In short neither of the stop loss or 50 point targets are part of this new system. I just added those for some reassuarance for those who need it.
I know 84% success appears a bit special but it has been tested very very carefully by me and takes into account any sudden bull runs or bear sell off's.

I forgot to mention that I will post trades between 9pm and 930pm (after Dow finish) so no need to keep checking here every few minutes ? All trade instructions will be given then.
hey IndexBoi, welcome back, hope yuo had a great time with the dolly gurl

looking forward to reading yuor trades

the Car Key Boi salutes YUO!
We're all waiting with baited breath KKeyBow lol

if he picks ftse/dow i hope he picks contra-trend cos thats what my charts telling me - it'll be nice to have some comfirmation.

Quick update for you. Preliminary calculations are showing a sell off on Dow tomorrow. This may be steep enough to trigger IK's new system trade.
Be very careful tomorrow if you are still long of Dow Jones.

Kind Regards

Possible Trade

Hello everyone

I have been shorting Dow Jones since 9491 and it looks like with an end of day close at 9250 or below on the Dow that my buy signal will be generated.

The trade is
Buy Dow
Sell Ftse

Difference must be 5073 or less. You must wait and see if dow is 9250 or less on its close. Do not jump in unless this occurs !! Very important !!!

Do not buy the dow at 9250 either unless it is this or less at closing bell !!

I'll will post again after bell to confirm if trade is on !


At what point do you recommend closing the positions? I will follow your recommendations via a paper trade.

Best wishes,

As there was a period of opportunity available after todays FTSE CLOSE where the difference was (5073 or less) I am curious to know if you used this time to place your OWN INVESTMENTS as suggested above :rolleyes:
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My new system is based on close prices, so although there was a window of opportunity (and very tempting it was !) it has to be that difference when Dow closes later (FTSE close price not really matter as it usually Dow that does the business !). Jumping in before the close and you will probably buy on a false breakout which will cost you.

If dow is not at 9250 or less then the trade does not happen. The difference target will change after tonight anyway. So trade on new difference ie Buy Dow/Sell Ftse may occur tomorrow. I have yet to work out the diference for it !

A trade will be triggered very soon I assure you. It is a case of being patient.