I'm getting into this swinging lark!

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"Not having a personal dig at Rav's trading abilities - just saying our sample size is tiny - it could be a fluke. "

Get over it. I think that's a pretty fair comment.
I think there is a lot of petty pointless nonsense going on here...I have no desire to start banging heads together...so if you would all like to take time out and just go about your business...then peace and harmony will take hold.:)

cheers cv
That Masq is a bit of a pillock winding people up.

Probably sore from taking it up the chuffer too many times today. Mind you, we could have all guessed that.
hi andy

andy glad things are going good now for you,your right the cable never went 1000 pips the wrong way,it was about 650,and the g/y . from 154.04 was only 880 pips in the red,so both of them never went over the 1000,i put them on demo,and checked them every few days, my mistake i thought you split the bank into 1000 pips,did,nt think you had a 1000 pips bank for each trade,my mistake,the good news is there coming down,to your entry,so i hope you make a lot of pips,like the music too,keep up the thread and let us know how your getting on mate,hope your getting some sunshine back home.
alright Garry yeah weathers been pretty good fella once it stops raining that is :LOL:.
Well the idea behind this thread was just to post my results and a quick thx to someone for helping me with my trading, with it being a trading journals area but as per usual on 95% of T2W threads where someone does well its turned into a criticise and defend journal.
If this was what i had intended i would have posted in the PINATA section! :confused:
What i should of done was came on here and posted a few losing trades so all the clever fookin traders could come on here and stick there chests out and tell all how they wouldnt have taken that trade as it was obviously gonna lose, as no one likes to praise a winner.
So from now on im gonna post quality music and how to learn to play it and we'll see how many clever fookers can show us how to play it better on a 12quid piano from asda.;)
YouTube - Axel F Piano Tutorial
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Blackswan...I am not here waiting for praise..I am helping people..
I dont say I double money for a living if so what am i doing here...I wait for the correct trade setups and take them accordingly.

Everything I do is live and in my jounrals..


Rav, I don't want you to get the wrong idea, it's none of my business how you trade, what you do, who you guide, like I said I looked at your last journal, OK by me. :) I wasn't intentionally pulling your leg/poking fun at you, if you want to share/help others that's cool. No hidden message from me, I don't follow other's trading ideas much/look for gurus/mentors to guide me, perhaps that's me at fault. TBH I reckon trading (the way I do it) is a fairly simple process; it requires full on concentration, no distraction and discipline (in all its formats). IMHO there's a lot of nonsense promoted in order to make it seem more complicated than it need be.

I've noticed on forums/clubs there's an awful lot of 'needy' people, looking for help in all its ways, again each to their own, it wouldn't work for me, but if it does for others and you're prepared to put in the time then good for you. :)
Rav mate, I was just taking the p*ss out of the thread starter as I thought it was a little OTT. Just a little jesting and no disrespect intended towards you or the OP.

I don't know anything about how you trade or your success rate - I should make that clear :)

You may have noticed the number (and quality) of my posts has deteriorated...unfortunately there are quite a lot of loud mouthed and no doubt talentless cynics that come out of the wood work to start having a go when you stop giving :) Bear that in mind and all the best to you for helping people. Tom
Hi Andy,

Closed out GBP/JPY for +80pips happy with that after where it was last week.


Rav, I cant see your thread/forum. What does it take to get signedup / permissioned on your trading thread/room?