Dow swing trades

Hi Folks - well enough of spirited debate for the mo ;-)

I thought i'd start this thread on the dow industrials swing trades - thats what i do - heres a genral rundown

I only play the dow indu and some of my trades have gone for as long as 16 days - which is a long time for me!

As of monday ill start posting what im playing and we will see what goes where. At the moment i dont have a trade running due to the reletavely small trading range thats happening. My belief is that trading ranges are good for day traders but i dont like paying the spread associated with DT

Im unsure at the mo if we are seeing a resistance strong enough around 9600 to bounce back so in times of uncertanty i dont trade at all - better to keep out and wait and see. that's my risk strategy anyway - I only trade when i see a good chance that the trade will last a good few days and hopefully return around 100 points

I use spread betting for my trades sometimes on deal4free and sometimes on Finspreads - depends how i feel ;-)

Ive tended to steer away from finspreads at the mo cos of the problems with their new site - phone trading only and all that.

I wont go into the specifics of my entry / exit system apart to tell you that there is one ;-)

Here's hoping for a good week for all ;-)
Advertising ?

"I wont go into the specifics of my entry / exit system apart to tell you that there is one ;-)"

So you expect me to tell all my entry/exit "system?" on another thread ( Whats wrong with you guys) yet you decline to tell us your "system" of entry exit.

But no doubt you will tell us later on how much your "system" will cost members of this web site.

Why don't you be less devious and state that you have a "system" for sale and that you want to test it here in real time for others to judge?

Of course if you are not selling anything then you could reveal all. After all ,as you pointed out to me, " selling would be immoral wouldn't it?"

:?: :cheesy:
A swing trade is a day trade gone wrong, right? :cheesy:

I enjoy your "sprited debate" posts, Soultrader. The only bit that annoyed me was the "I think its foolish to make trading your only income" comment.

Foolish? If anything, that was a foolish comment to make on a website dedicated to .... you've guessed it, trading. That's a sure fire way to get people's backs up!

Anyway, welcome to T2W. ;)
well yes rossored, maybe that was a bit silly, ;-) - just the way i see things from a relative perspective on one who doesnt like all eggs in one basket so to speak ;-)

No, my swing trade isnt a day trade gone wrong mate - i plan it that way ;-) - I love the large overnight jumps that a swing trade affords me but i get the pun lol

to neil, this was going to be a serious post before you poked your nose in. I dont sell my own system of trading, the reason i put that was so as not to extend the post from the start - the system i use is simple but has many 'if, then' statements and i didnt want to clutter the post to begin with until i had a few trades going - I was going to explain each entry and exit with its reasons

having looked around the forum at your posts etc I was going to write you a pm and offer some respect for your knowledge and experience.

the 'immoral' comment in an earlier post was taking the pee out of your silly morals - I thought that was about as subtle as a tree striking you from a great height as im sure did others so maybe you aint as smart as i thought.

I think with neils reaction i shall keep my trades to myself and dissappear - seeing as he seems to rule the roost around here maybe he'll give you all you are looking for.

take care and hope you all have good judgement (luck is for losers)

I'm sure Neil and other members would agree that it would be a shame if people - however new or old they are to T2W - decided not to post any more because of other members opinions - all are welcome, surely, as long as they are not promoting some system that requires a subscription, or blatently slagging someone off?

So, Soultrader, maybe you should hang around a bit longer and see how it goes?? If you have a winning "system" (God, I hate that word) that you are willing to share around a little, I am certain there would be many members on the site who would welcome your input.


I think soultrader is just trying to get the sympathy vote. Or perhaps having thrown a few insults of his own, he doesn't like it when someone bites back.
I find it very disappointing that when someone posts something new on a forum that could be of interest, someone else immediately looks for the negatives and words their response in such a way that people are put off posting at all. The whole site is in danger of reducing the posts to merely the same people as any one new won't want to put forward a view in case they are shot down in flames. What is wrong with giving the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. You never know we may all have passed up the opportunity to learn something new!
It is becoming a very recent and bad habit on this forum..........maybe some people should learn to live and let other people live too.
Yes there are too many members on this board who appoint themselves as 'system' police with the misguided premise that other members need protecting.

I've been trading less than a year and regard myself still a newbie but find all this nannying rather patronising.
Come on soultrader, don't be silly. Lots of us are very much looking forward to your ideas. Go for it!
What is the definition of buy and hold, and what are the time scales involved, and how would a stop loss be calculated. PeeDee.
Ah, nothing new in this world is there.

Hold on. No there isn't. It is the same stuff reheated and served up on a different plate. It just takes an old hand to see it.

Instead of you going to different websites where they have a system/software to sell. they are now coming to a place where they can reach a wider audience.

Anyone who comes on here like some of the people we have had recently are going to be trying to sell you something at some point. Think about it. Why else would they post all their 'winning' trades?

Either vanity or greed. If vanity, the posts would not last too long as the poster would eventually get fed up with telling everybody how clever he was. You couldn't copy the trades because of the delay.

If greed? Well the only way that would work is to sell you something. Via his own posts.

The guy at the top of this post has already said the he is a marketeer and not a trader. Bit of a clue there. How many web sites are out there offering systems/software newsletters/books; that all work. Anything from £25 to £7,500+ and all so easy to use/follow. There must be an awful lot of rich people out there judging by the sales.

Didn't we have a well known chap on here not so long ago by the name of sunseeker. He didn't have anything to sell, just wanted to help everyone out. He's a 'straight' bloke' even had a few of his friends on here saying so. Doesn't post a lot now though. Wonder what happened to him? Lol, yeah, silly me. He wanted to charge didn't he. Suddenly didn't have the time anymore to post.

Index king had a system a lot of people followed, until he wanted to charge a fee. People got upset about that. But if he and the others had been up front about it in the first place no one (apart from the moderators and this site would have complained,) because people knew what they would have been getting into.

Those who want this chap and the others to continue are only really after a free lunch or something for nothing. Either not yet having learnt to trade or they want other people to make money for them.
Don't forget this could be classed as giving investment advice. But I'm sure these people are properly regulated by the FSA and are fully qualified to give such advice. :rolleyes:

Why do you think that such rooms as Woodies club, S&P squawk box etc are not running over here? Regulations. The FSA are there to supposedly protect you.

This is one of the reasons why you will not get the 'old' (and I use that term loosely) hands, posting their trades to all and sundry. Another is that you cannot trade off other peoples' backs; and why should they post their trades anyway? They have nothing to prove to anyone apart from the tax man.

Now there is nothing to stop anyone getting in touch with these people. Send them a pm or e mail them. Tell them you like what they are doing and you would like to know a bit more. I'm sure they will be happy to oblige.

It isn't 'nannying' on this site. Just trying to point out a few facts to people that might get taken in. I'm sure Neil, myself and a lot of others don't really care how you spend your money. Your adult enough (in age years,) to decide yourselves. What I do object to is people trying to fleece the new traders. And it's very easy to prove me, Neil, BB and others wrong. Just keep on posting to prove us wrong.

The whole point of this site is traders helping other traders, ie; been there done that, help someone else out.
You don't have to listen, make up your own minds. Sites that give details abound. Try one of those. Don't forget you'll have to pay a subscription charge though. I wonder how many people would be on this site if they had to pay a subscription or membership fee?

The Welsh guy that came here at the end of last week. Now he comes across as a trader. Been doing it 10 years, and he put up some good calls. Don't know how close they were to real time though as I didn't read the post till later. But he is up front with what he wants to do. Respect to him for that. But more respect because he is a trader and he has explained why he wants to do what he does. But I can guarantee that even being told when to trade; 80% of the people on here would lose money. And it's going to be your money, not his.
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Defination of buy and hold is when you buy for £60 per share and it goes down to £20 a share. Time scales are anything from 1 day to x amount of years. Stop loss is calculated when your shares are worth 65P
Wise words from options.

You people who keep saying we should give this and that guy a break, should read his posting closely. If you look at the dates of registration of the so called "Moaning Minnie's", you will see that we all have one thing in common. That is we have been on this board since the beginning of time and have seen all manner of shysters, pass through this neck of the woods. If we left this board as a free for all then it would degenerate into chaos, in a very short space of time.

If you come onto this board and are not up front and honest about your intentions, you will definitely be taken to task by somebody.

Simple as that and quite rightly so.

Having been away for some time I am most disappointed to see animosity creeping into the site. When Sharky took over and launched this site there were strict rules, and anyone sniping was promptly put in their place. Come on Chaps - and any Chapesses - the forum is open for CONSTRUCTIVE comment, and whilst it is right and proper that anyone may be able to make comment, there is surely no need to become abusive.

So if Soultrader has a plan let him continue with his thread and expand on his theories. Who knows the 'knockers' might even glean something.

However, if as Options implies, the site is being used to pedal their wares, then I suggest the Moderators do the right thing and shut the thread down. and stop the pedaller from access.

It seems like a bit of a grey area, to be honest unless somebody actually states in a thread or post that they have a system to sell then there is nothing to be held against them ( advertising wise ).

I agree with what you are saying, but its like what uncle says, If any members are braking rules it's up to the Moderators to do something about it.

When I was asking to give Soultrader a break, I was just asking for the right I thought myself and other members had, which is having the opportunity to hear what other members had to say.

Like you have already stated, most people are indeed old enough to make their their own minds up and do not need nannying! i'm sure most new traders get the message about people selling systems as soon as they enter this site.

However, if you read all the posts in this thread there were people who wanted to hear what soultrader had to say, but didn't get the choice.

May I suggest that members who do not want to listen to the likes of soultrader just hit their IGNORE Button. Theres no need act as System Police, or the friendly pensioner Neighbourhood Watchman.

were are not children!!
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