I'm buying different EAs for MT4


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I'm eager to buy different EAs for MT4 worth €50-150 per 1 EA. I don't care where you got it. The main thing is that it complies with the following criteria:
1. The average profitability is 5-15% a month (some months might be negative!);
2. Not less than 20 trades a month (otherwise there is no point in testing);
3. The maximum drawdown is 30%.
4. Testing supposed to be on the platforms, where a spread is fixed. For major currency pairs spreads are the following: EUR/USD, USD/JPY – 3 pips, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, NZD/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CAD – 4 pips, Freeze limit – 10 pips. Robots that trade on the stock market are also appreciated! The quality of the history has to be >98%, the testing period has to be from 01.01.2013 till the current date.
I won't buy a pig in a poke, I want to see the results of testing, and if the results meet my requirements -- then the robots as well. It is a limited offer, I'm going to buy 100 robots with DIFFERENT trading strategies.
After the first purchases are completed, I will post trading strategies in the thread, which will cost less.


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Let us know ok. The one's I tried lost money e.g. neural net EA called rosey. Cost £550 ! Looked good in MT tests

There was one here recently from Nigeria. I haven't tried it but I wouldn't give them your card details.


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(In my early days, I went through a phase of buying and dissecting for-sale EAs and strategies.
They never lived up to expectations.)

Will you be giving the author of the EAs any commissions?
If you could write an EA that made 5-15%, that's the equivalent of a trading capital base of 1,000.
5% of 1000 = 50, 15% of 1000=150.
If anyone could write such a thing, why sell it for a once-only fee, when they could scrape together the 1000 and get 5-15% monthly, forever?

Be wary of stipulating the time-frame the testing should be over, as it invites curve-fitting.
If anyone does generate such a system, and gives a great return, be sure to then run it against the periods 2009-10 and 2011-12 for comparison.
If the returns are within a small tolerance, you're onto a winner.
If the returns for the other periods are massively different, chances are its been curve-fitted.

Also be wary of systems that hold onto losers until they come good. The profit graphs look nice, but when you factor in unrealised losses, they can be eye-wateringly bad.
Does the "30% drawdown" relate to actual losses, or unrealised losses as well?
You should be unambiguous about that.

But, I am guessing, you know all this anyway.

Good luck!
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I need only to buy. You can request me your price and i will think about it. But I will not pay any commisions.


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guys guys guys ..............trade for yourself..........don't go this route - please

at least go semi automated ............not this



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For major currency pairs spreads are the following: EUR/USD, USD/JPY – 3 pips,

3 pip Fixed on EUR/USD? Are you sure it's within a normal range. On Нotforex fixed spread account average for EUR/USD is only 1.8 pip, means you'll lose additional 12 bucks on your platform from one lot. Really a hell for any scalping EA :whistling


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I expect you have tried this lot ? Don't bother with Traders Dream. Another way to go is to commission someone to write the code for your pet system, if you have one that is.


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