I'm a Politician Get me Outta Here!

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I think I may have come up with a new and revolutionary system which will hopefully stem voter apathy, and as a result the great British public would end up with the calibre of politicians they deserve.

Loosely based upon the "I'm a Celebrity...." model, it would work something like this.

Every week the public would get the chance to dial a premium rate number in order to vote a Cabinet member out of office. The phone calls would be charged at £5 a minute, and proceeds would go to the Treasury in order to reduce taxes. This would add around £2bn a year to the Treasury.

The Cabinet members would have to complete a weekly "Bush Tucker trial" (or should that be Blair Tucker trial?)

Ideas for the trial might be.....

1) David Blunkett spending an entire week keeping his manhood in his trousers and managing not to destroy other people's relationships

2) John and Pauline Prescott having to use public transport for a whole week without resorting to taking either of the 2 Jags out of the garage

3) The entire Cabinet being thrown out of an aeroplane at the beginning of every new parliament into the palace of Westminster (except we might forget to give them parachutes)

4) Gordon Brown and Tony Blair would have to spend a week together in a box buried 3 feet underground (No rats needed as each would find the experience terrifying enough)

Each time they fail a trial, the other Cabinet members will not get fed, (probably a good thing for Prescott and Brown), leaving them starving...thus enabling them to understand how the rest of the country is feeling.

Any other ideas for Blair Tucker Trials appreciated...