I'm never ever gonna vote again!


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I'm never ever gonna vote again!!!!

Yesterday's events concerning the ousting of IDS finally confirmed to me that politicians in general are real low-lives and i will never waste my time voting for any of them again. I couldn't believe the speed (just a few minutes after the result was announced) at which his so-called shadow cabinet had suddenly united behind another candidate thus confirming that they were just paying lipservice to guy all along while plotting behind his back.
Tony Blair and George Bush's attitude over Iraq was the catalyst for my decison but the scheming Tories just confirmed that they are all the same lying and scheming b*******s.
That's politics. The older you get the more you understand what the ar**oles are about.
I don't vote for, I vote against :cheesy:
But whatever you do, you must vote.
No more voting 4 me, maybe in another lifetime.............voted 4 Tony Blair the last time and i regret it big time, the smaller parties are seem more idealistic but would they ever win?, i don't think so
Hi Grubs

Well the little parties won't get in if everyone thinks like that :rolleyes:
I gave up on politics a long time ago. I've only ever voted once and that's because I could. I might vote for the UKIP next time, as it would be great if they had a better representation in Parliament :)
but its obvious they won't cos the big parties in all countries have got the general population round their little fingers........under normal circumstances Michael Howard and his crew shouldn't even have d chance of getting close to getting into power after their disgraceful behaviour, but they will cos of d size of their party.
I have only voted once and that was for the Natural Law party. Yogic flying seemed a lot more sensible that the other parties policies. I took a test to find out where I am on the political scale. I am a non libertarian liberal, so I should vote for all 3 parties at the same time! Think I will do that at the next election just to give the vote counters a laugh.
I am old and cynical: and what you are seeing in the current Conservative party is only a re-run of what Labour did in the 1980s when they were in Opposition to Mrs Thatcher.

First a no-hoper leader (chosen as he was "none" of the others")- Michael Foot. (over 55, white hair)

Then "the Welsh windbag" Neil Kinnock who could talk the hindlegs off a donkey but was totally unelectable . Now Michael Howard is Welsh and very articulate but.. (under 50, red hair)

Then John Smith who died before he ever proved to be electable or otherwise..(over 50, dark hair)

Then Tony Blair (under 50, lots of dark hair).

The Liberals have had..
David Steel (under 50, hair)
Paddy Ashdown (under 50 , hair)
Mr Kennedy (under 50, red hair)

The Conservatives have had in quick succession:

William Hague (under 50 but bald)
IDS ( under 50? but bald)
Michael Howard (over 60, balding)

Makes me want to despair.. when will people learn we want our political leaders to be:
young looking
not bald.


On that basis the Conservatives have chosen another loser..

No bald PM has been elected after Churchill in 1952?

No PM has been elected over 55years old since pre Mrs Thatcher.

Never mind.. maybe they will learn:) eventually...
"Aha! It's all just elementary dear Mads, isn't it"

Absolutely nothing to do with any other political incompetence, and definately nothing to do with the fact that the tories jsut can't stop bickering the way they did in the thatcher years....

So the only way the tories can now get in is if blair loses his hair, or dies..... again, nothing to do with the fact that he screwed up with war bigtime.....

brilliant analysis of their paralysis, m80.... ;)

(... and i really did enjoy readin that mads)....

All parties are controlled by the New World Order . doesn't matter who you vote for - things never change .
"New World Order ."?

I don't think there has been a lot to choose from any of 'em since the end of ww2. But would you care to elaborate on the 'New World Order?
Perhaps, it's time to bring on the hirsutes then? And perhaps, they'd have to hiresutes too? :LOL:


NWO = unholy cabal of Big business , Zionist , Major Banks , Royal families , Various security services , and others.
If you follow through the logic of this hair theory, Maggie thatcher had good hair (or was it a wig?) and was the most successful Tory leader. So the best bet now would be female with a good head of hair. Ann Widdecombe would probably be the Tories best bet. :)
"If you follow through the logic of this hair theory, Maggie thatcher had good hair (or was it a wig?) and was the most successful Tory leader. So the best bet now would be female with a good head of hair. Ann Widdecombe would probably be the Tories best bet. "

Hmm..so on the same basis of the above logic:
All cows eat grass.
Sheep eat grass.
So sheep are cows.

we dont live in a democracy anymore, unfortunately its society where the biggest liars and backstabbers get to the political summit, and we're left with noone worth voting for. A major shakeup of the electoral system is called for, but this won't happen until the end of the practically '2 party system' we have here. Why does everyone feel the need to vote for Conservatives or Labour?

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maybe democracy is an over-rated system despite all its fairness and good points!!