IB Logon problem


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On attempting to log on to either the demo or my (as yet unfunded and unused) trading account I get the following error message:


Can anyone help please?
Sounds like it's most likely a Java problem. Do you have a reasonably up to date version of java loaded (1.4+) There is a link on the IB download page to a suitable version, give that a try. You won't be able to logon to you own account at present, but the demo should work.
Thanks for the reply peter.

Regrettably, the Sun Java site congratulates me on "having the current version of Java software and access to all the best the web has to offer"!!
Hi fltbear,

If I were a gambling man I would say that you are trying to log on through your web browser and not standalone TWS.

My reckoning is that your web browser is set to use Microsofts Virtual Machine and not the Sun version.

Personally I would download the standalone TWS if I am right, otherwise you have to go into control panel and play with settings.



Thanks. You may well be right.

Sounds like a stupid question, but from where do I download the standalone TWS?
Thanks again JT & GreyingSurfer. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Downloading it now.