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I am now an ib account holder, however I am having a bit of a nightmare logging in.

I believe I have completed the set up appropriately. This is where I am.

I have down loaded java. I have checked my control panel for java certificates and ib appears under them.

I am at the window LOG IN TO TWS 788 I enter my user name and password, hit login and nothing happens.

FAQ'S suggest to use 3com 905-tx-nm as the nic card. I haven't got A clue what this is.

appreciate all help.
Hi one/two

Are you running a firewall?

Does it keep counting up login attempts?

You do know that IB does down the service at weekends don't you!

This is only a partial assist, as I know nothing about IB, but the NIC stuff is referring to a network card (NIC - Network Interface Card) and 3Com is a manufacturer of NICs, so I found this on their site:
that link describes an Ethernet NIC, so I assume that's the one ... personally I don't find that the actual card used matters in networking ... so I suspect that this isn't the root of your problem.

cheers. I didn't realise the system is totally closed on the weekend. I take it that it would stop from entering the tws totally.

p.s. being new to IB I have no experience of the system, can you think of anything else I will need to do to commence trading on monday.
Make sure you have the correct trading permissions set and correct datafeeds enabled :)

When you get a chance have a play on the TWS demo just to get to know how to move stops etc.

Good luck
I used to get this on one computer.
Try downloading the other trading screen. I found I could only get into one of their systems (from desktop or site)

The only thing that cleared it up was a complete wipe and load.

You should still be able to get the trading screen up after loggin, but you would have to be permissioned and authorised from a previous working day.

It isn't anything to do with network cards etc.

Good luck.
IB and Weekends


The issue here is almost certainly that it is the weekend and as JT has said you cannot get anything on your screen when IB is closed. I would try again on Monday morning and you will probably find that all is OK.

Good Luck