IB into IndexiaRT


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Anybody out there tried feeding IB into Indexia RealTime. Apparently it's possible thru DDE link but I don't want to fiddle with things at the moment as I'm set up for satellite feed. I might not renew the Sat if I can get this running.


Given up on the Updata TA package then?

There appears to be no DDE real-time I/F file for IB. However, you could (if IB program presentation supports this) DDE using copy/past special into an active spread sheet then from there into IndexiaRT. A warning though, this may undermine your current setup. If you have the luxury of a second PC, why not try the IB/spreadsheet setup on this first. You can transfer the program and use the key fob to activate the new IB system setup and still keep the live system running. If you need the spreadsheet and RT file, I might still have these. Let me know how you're progressing.

Hello Dave,

I gave up on Updata because it was costing too much time=£.
They cannot support other feeds, Tenfore in my case. If I crash/freeze, I lose everything. It doesn't save like Indexia does. Also could not draw daily charts. They never resolved that! Also they didn't like me pointing out that TA missed trades that Tenfore and Indexia printed.
Re the rest, IB have a DDE link out I'm trying to work at the moment. I've only got the demo, waiting for fund$ to hit the a/c.
As you say, I don't want to upset the current set up. I'm running Tenfore into Indexia. Tenfore also has it's own charts, though not so comprehensive.
I tried copy/paste as per Updata manual. I might try it into TA as nothing lost! I'm waiting for a reply from IB at the moment. I'm not up on tech stuff.
I'll see how it goes. If I can use IB's feed it solves a lot of problems on feed.

Cheers & good luck