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Hello DDE and programming experts :cool:
Back on this again. I'm trying to feed IB into Indexia. It accepts any RT DDE feed. According to IB User Guide, they use standard DDE format =topic|item!data. For Indexia, I need APPLICATION, TOPIC and ITEM. Then presumably Source Code and Epic Code. APPLICATION is my account number. ITEM appears to be the same in each field, that is, tik! . Then somewhere you'd enter Bid, Ask, Last or whatever.
IB give an example of =edemo|tik!id0?req?IBM_STK_SMART
So if edemo is my account no. and I want to show YM contract, can you help please? I've tried a few combinations into a spreadsheet but it gives error warnings. Once I can see the way their formula runs, I should be able to feed it in :rolleyes:
ps. I don't know anything about programming. :cheesy:

Thank you
Don't know anything about IB and Indexia, but for an SSRT feed into Excel, the cell entry looks like this (for JJB Bid price)


Hope it helps.
Ok thanks, but I think it's the IB format that I need.
Still trying.....
its likely to be application specific, so I would give IB a ring
and ask them
Hi, Bonsai, I've emailed IB and they're not very helpful. They said all the information is in the user guide under API. It's all a bit confusing. I can see more or less what I think i need but can't seem to get it together into a working formula.
Hittfeld, I've been on the IB sites and they're not very active, although I'm still searching.
it occurs to me that if you are trying to create the link in Indexia
you will need to use only their format.
so it may be

item= bid ?
The application name is your account number. That's about the only thing I think I've got right at the mo. I know more or less where to put things in Indexia but I have to know IB's set up. All feeds do it differently.
In the Topic column, some feeds apparently use the same entry which in IB's case i think it's tik!. Then I've got to enter the contract and as you say Bid,Offer,Last or whatever. I'm trying to look in their Demo. There's a dummy spreadsheet which might reveal all. Someone must know their format.
well you know best

but its not clear to me how Indexia will know you are trying to connect with IB .

dont explain, but when you make a connection will be interested
in final content of your link.

(I assume you have IB up and running when you try to make the link ?)
Yes, IB is enabled "out" and I enter the name of the feed ie. my account number in the feed provider box in the receiving prog. Then the problem is the format IB use. I suppose if I fiddle with it long enough i might stumble on it.
too tired to read right throught the thread - not even too sure what Indexia is - but i guess some sort of charting or analysis thing - but i believe IB is accesible with API or DDE so u will probably need to enable one or the other specifically and also u might want to try putting a spread sheet in the middle of the probelm to get it all to work as a start point - so if indexia can access a specific cell in the sheet you can then use DDE to link that cell to IB with the correct formula

i can pretty much hook up any data feed to any other - so if u can be more specific in your problem in a scentence or two - i could try to help out

and u may also want to be careful using demos to get things to work at the start - i know that seems the better way - but normally these demo things issuing data can cause other problems and they are not the same as a real data feed - so your thing might be working - but the signal might just not be being issued - better to use the real feed
good point steve

the feature may simply not be included in the demo version ?
steve, I've got IB's API enabled (not the demo). As well as Indexia(chart package) I've got Updata's TA which says that I should be able to paste link the feed into a spreadsheet. This will then reveal the formula's setup. I can't get that to happen. At the moment paste and paste special are greyed out.
I need APPLICATION(which I believe is my account no.) for the feed,
TOPIC which in some feeds is the same in each field, others it's different. I think TOPIC has tik! involved.
ITEM again in some feeds is different, others the same.
IB's user guide covers it under API, DDE but I can't figure it out.
Additionally, Updata substitute an asterisk* for the instrument.
At the moment I'm running Tenfore Satellite(til next week) into Indexia so I don't really want to fiddle with that but the setup is similar. They use * and a number for bid/ask etc. under ITEM and the feed is designated as REALTIME in TOPIC.
Hi Oatman, I also noticed a lot of threads at when I did search for IB and DDE.

Some of them mentioned for example : Metaserver RT (via DDE/Excel). Unfortunately I'm not knowledgable enough to furthermore search these threads for you.

You may be wrong in your reading of UD's TA dde. It is easy to dde out from the UD TA IP feed to a 3rd party spreadsheet in realtime but this is not what you are trying to do which is the reverse
They say it accepts any RT feed, same with Indexia. I think it's just a matter of getting the code, and in the right order.
when u say u have the api enabled - do u mean you have the dde enabled in the api as opposed to activeX etc?

and struggling with you are trying to achieve with this set up

what is indexia for ?

and do u realise that the IB date feed is nothing like the Tenfore data feed - nothing like it

the Tenfore data feed has data history and IB is just a real time tick by tick feed with no history - so it does not even go back one tick and there are other issues with false readings with IB for various technical reasons - that dont affect trading - but will affect the results with it as a data feed

dde is not a great method for data communicatioin - but in this case it gives u a simple way to test what is or is not working - one letter in the formala or whatever out of place will screw you - u need to make sure u have the right exchanges, expiries etc, but at least u can test it all out with excel - just try to get the dde feed from IB working with a cell in a spreadsheet - and then get Indexia to communicate with the cell - just in looking at it like that - u might find a route
Hi steve,

I realise IB won't be up to Tenfore but Tenfore want nearly £1500pa now. I'm probably going to take up Sierra. Indexia is chart software. I've already paid for it so I might as well try and use it. I think there's a way to get historical another way, (is it ASCI files or something??) but I'm not too bothered about that at the mo. I realise I need the exact formula and that's the problem, I can't get the spreadsheet working.
I may have missed it, but which spreadsheet are you using /
and which version ?

1500 per annum is way cheap - tenfore used to be 350/400 a month - never liked it myself - but at 1500 a year - its a bargain - sure it is 1500 per annum?

but re the historic - i had a real problem on another thread trying to explain this - its not about histroric data so much - but just that with IB you are only gonna get the last tick - so everytime u start up your charting - it will only show a chart from the last tick - there will be nothing on the chart prior to this - and as i said - the data in real time from IB is not data you can use for a chart anway as it will appear to give u the wrong pricing - there are technical issues for this which it just is not worthwhile getting into - but if you try to trade off that data - you may as well just flip a coin for your decisions

but anyway - u need to get excel working with IB via the dde first before u do anything else as that should be elementary - just keep going - u will get there in the end - and there needs to be a reference in the spreadsheet to the identity of the platform - but once u crack that - u should be able to get indexia working