IB contracts and Spread Comparisons


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Hi guys

wonder if anyone can help me on what might seem like a dumb question .

Been looking at IB spreads against my Deal4Free spreads and they look mighty tempting ( even though they ain't Tax free , hehe )

Would I be right in assuming that 1 contract of say the Dow future is equivalent to $10 per point in spreadbet or would it only be $1 ( which i think unlikely ) , likewise is 1 S & P $10 and 1 DAX Eur 10

Would be great if someone could also tell me what the margin rates would be for each 1 contract of :

S & P

thanks in advance peeps

thanks oatman

not being funny , but it's not made clear on their site .

or maybe I'm stupid !!
Ok, no prob. Click on the link and go to Resources, Margin.
you should find something there
I've been looking into this as well.

The DOW future contract is valued at $10 per contract (Mini DOW is $5). I assume the same applies to the S&P contract.

Therefore, if you buy 2 contracts, for example, this would be the equivalent of $20 per point.


The figures are:

S&P emini $50 per point - spread generally 0.25
Dow emini $5 per point - spread generally 1-3 points
Dax 25 Euros per point - spread ?, never traded them
FTSE £10 per point - spread generally 1-3 points
Nasdaq emini $20 per point - spread generally 0.5 points

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thanks all

you've all been very helpful . I'm a newbie to this board , but it's the best I've been on in my 4 years of trading

keep up the good work , here is where i'll stay :)