How many times do you trade in a month!


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How many times do you guys trade within a month as a swing trader. I just converted into swing trading , I realized that swing trading takes a lot of paitience and it helps out with the psychological aspect. Went from trading about 200 positions in a month to like 40 in a month. I feel that 40 is still a little to much my losses does outweigh my wins atm. But I do see really greatest setups from time to time.
Also how much screen time do you guys spend on the charts each day checking for setups?
I'm not used to waiting out candles this long.
i have scalped up to 2-300 times a day .....try to ease it back a lot now


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I don’t have so many trades in scalping as I am combining few techniques. Mostly leaving open position trading on a trend. I am using scalping usually when there are no so much development on the market, to collect few pips when I see opportunity


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i have scalped up to 2-300 times a day .....try to ease it back a lot now

Shocking savagery. No wonder American Indians now live on reservations for protection. Are you doing the same with the curry Indians in London?


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number of trades mostly has a direct relation with the timeframe you trade and number of pairs you use. I have tested different strategies on multiple pairs and timeframes. for me some strategies open more than 10 trades a day, and some other strategies open 2-3 trades a week. what is important is the amount you earn and the risk you take for that. actually swing trading is a good strategy nowadays, because market trends have become very choppy and you can't find many good trends.


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Last month I had 28 round house trades.

(I trade for a living and primarily trade small caps and crypto)


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I don't think you should trade a set amount of time a month. let the market come to you

Trader H.C.

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Getting enough trades in a month is not a problem, since there are so many valid signals occurring on different assets within a month.

The question is, how many positions should we open and only taking the best ones.
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