For how many hours do you trade daily?


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I usually trade one or two hours per day. A few times I’ve tried full day trading and that was quite difficult for me. A was absolutely exhausted. But I have to say that I use only trading signals. So I don’t need to find out my deals. My colleague trade himself on short-long positions. I know he trades around your time too and he gets almost 60% profit per month. I think that’s not bad. If your deposit is big enough you can try to buy a few transactions at one time.


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For me, about 5 hours per week at the moment. Though I do go through spells of more and less depending on my schedule


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I spend 24 hours trading :) No, of course not. I spend a lot of time on average, compared to other traders. Sometimes it comes to 10 hours a day. In fact, the time you spend on trading is very difficult to calculate. I read a lot of news, look for information and analyze quotes. And if everything is clear with the quotes, then time I spend on news and information is difficult to calculate. After all, I analyze not only when I work, but also at breakfast or before sleep. So if you count only trading, then it's about 4-5 hours, but it takes another 5-6 hours to analyze and read the news. And it's very important to relax and don't spend whole day thinking about trading, as it's very exhausting :)


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I trade about four hours a day at the moment. Approximately one third of this time is taken by the analysis. The rest of the time I trade. I used to trade even more time per day. I had the huge goal. I wanted to understand this issue so that I would never work for another person again. I had not yet reached all my goals. But I am sure that if I work hard even this time will be enough for me to make money for everything I need.


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2-3 hours per day. Half spent on trading and the remaining half on analysis. Sometimes I don't feel like trading at all, so I would just focus on analysis and vice versa.


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Since the dollar index reflects the value of currency basket against the dollar, it gives a more clear idea of dollar strength or weakness than when you look at only one currency pair like EURUSD.


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I trade 3-4 hours, but time for placing trades and closing them takes less than 10 minutes. I avoid spending a lot of time staring at the screen, especially when I'm in a trade. This prompts to make wrong decisions and complicates discretionary trading.


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I don't think anyone should trade more than 7-8 hours a day. I can give some tips to manage time and don't turn trading into routine. At the beginning of broker career, a lot of time will be spent on training. Newbie needs to spend time learning the basics, mastering or developing a trading system and, of course, practice. You need to follow the charts for a long time, test working strategies, analyze, draw conclusions and work on yourself.
Over time, th eoperation mode should change to a more conservative one and at the same time not affect profitability at all. Many traders lose control over their life and involuntarily sit at the monitors, watch charts or accompany transactions literally all days longs.
To prevent this from happening with you, you must clearly distinguish the time for trading and not violate it, but also have free time for the rest and other interests.


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Do you guys just trade with your own strategies or copy trade?


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im averaging around 6 hours a day at moment .....scalping.........could easily do more if markets are moving ......depends

i've got more time at present as in between some work contracts and consultancy gigs .....


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