Holy Grails, Good Theories or Systems & Poor Execution


Given that most people (me included :() start losing big time before turning up a dime, I was wondering if the number of successful trading systems wasn't, in fact, far greater than the ability we, people, have to use them.

At this point in time, I'm beginning to think that there are great many ways to make a profit on the market using almost any non stupid system, but that the reasons most of us still fail is because of poor self psychologic profile assessment. :cool:

In short, losing is not so much in the tools, techniques or systems we use, but in our inability to use them.

I would love to hear about any evidence to the contrary, for example that system "foo" is so unique that it turns any losing trader into an instant winner, or of people, being truthful to their system, never cheating it, who are today bankrupt.

I don't hold my breath though, and I guess that the number 1 reason most of us fail is because of our appalling execution of otherwise sound theories/systems.

Which, in the end, somehow means that most systems are roughly equivalent and would allow us to win, if only we could use them to their specification.

Anyone care to disagree? :)
I believe that most systems fail because people cherry-pick their trades, rather than going with all the ones thrown up by whatever system they are using.

So it is all psychological. Now, if we were robots we'd be successful ...