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Hi there,
I've been researching (and currently trading a demo account with CMS Forex) the possiblility or using some kind of system that will automatically execute FOREX trades for about 9 different pairs based on certain arguments. Has anyone had any 'live' experience with either CMS-Forex or Traderobot and their relevant auto-execution facilities?
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Check out money tec there are a lot of ppl there who do or have tried the auto trade feature.

Alternatively try there bulletin board



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I've tried the CMS Automated systems and to be blunt they don't work. The system trader lacks some of the functionallity required IMHO to make it useful or safe.

for example:
You can't setup stops or position size. If the connection goes, or the system is restarted then it currently has no idea if you have a position or not and so leads to all sorts of problems (I think they are working on some kind of work around for the next release)

If your system is a simple one and you plan to monitor it then this may not be an issue.

As for trader-bot I've read some where that it can now use CMS forex accounts so it may be a more robust solution short term.

just my 10pips worth,
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