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Anyone else started getting spam from this lot, and is there any connection with GOptions being plugged in a T2W thread recently? I'm wondering how they get e-mail addresses.


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christ lets not go here again .............
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Liquid validity

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GOptions virtual office

So with that being said, the business still operates on all the points above.
There will always be SOB's like this idiot, and even more like clever liquid,
fas tto point out that we have virtual offices...DUH its
the bloody online age, I've been travelling for almost a year non stop.
What you want a cup of tea and to sit on my lap you stupid child?

I mean seriously grow up.
Post quoted:
Now lets look into the NEW contact details for GOoptions.
goptions - About Us

Full Mailing address is:

Longmont Ltd.
788-790 Finchley Rd.
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 203 608 1331

Funnily enough, the same address as:
BC Business Centrum Limited
Registered office:
BC Business Centrum Limited
788-790 Finchley Road
NW11 7TJ

BC Business Centrum Limited offer the following services:
We incorporate companies both in the UK and offshore and we provide all of the services required to maintain those companies, such as:

• Company secretary
• Nominee directors / shareholders
• Registered office
• Filing annual returns
• Preparation and filing of accounts
• Filing company registers
• Preparation and filing of VAT returns
• Payroll
• Representative office
• Meeting rooms at our address
• Mail shots
• Assistance with opening bank accounts
• Dedicated Telephone Line

In other words, knock on the door there, and you will not find anyone
from GOoptions.

More interestingly, the domain for GOoptions has been deliberately kept private: - Goptions
Domains By Proxy, LLC
Domains by Proxy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Is there a reason for keeping the domain registration details private.
It is not the stance taken by more well known firms that's for sure.
Here are the domain details for IG (used purely as an example of a well known company): - Spread Betting | Financial Spread Betting
As you can see, full and transparent details disclosed.


Mr Stones argument that a virtual office is no big deal can simply and easily be
addressed by looking at the contact address for any well known broker you can think of:
Contact Us | LMAX Exchange
MB Trading - Contact
Customer Service
Infinity Futures
Contact Us
Customer Service | OANDA fxTrade Europe

None of the brokers above use a virtual office.
You may draw your own conclusions as to why GOptions use a virtual office...
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Yes this is all shocking, but does anyone really believe that no other binary options brokers do this sort of stuff?

Banc de binary is the second most reputable binary options broker, next to Nadex. Then comes GOptions. It kind of pisses me off that they wont release their real address, and its even worse that they continue to fight with everyone (in a disgusting manner) about how they are honest.

Everyone knows by now that they are located in Israel (much better than Cyprus) and that they run multiple fake review sites. HOWEVER, if that is all they do, there are much worse cases of "scams" than that.

Binaries are just the wild west of trading, as the internet is the wild west for information. It is not well regulated, and things like this will happen. I am not convinced that we should be running as of yet. However that does not mean that we should not proceed with caution.

Nadex - More complicated than Spot options
Banc De Binary - Does not accept US clients
GOptions - The best there is for US Binary Traders.

Let me know what you guys think.


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Aaron you mentioned "GOptions - The best there is for US Binary Traders.
"Would Nadex not be better for US traders than this NON US regaulted "Broker"


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Aaron you mentioned "GOptions - The best there is for US Binary Traders.
"Would Nadex not be better for US traders than this NON US regaulted "Broker"

Nadex is harder to learn that Goptions. They have a unique way of doing things that, according to their current clients, is hard to get the hang of but very useful once you know what you are doing.


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Agreed that the BO platforms are easier to understand than Nadex or Exchange Traded
what good is a good platform and product if the broker is 1) Have conflict of interest 2) The product sometimes can't be verified with a regulated exchange you can always dispute any settlement if needed and brokers have a role of broking not trading against the client and many people forget that Just look at FXCM terms and conditions .. the dif between Market Maker and STP account types some time ago for retail in FX many broker did not offer STP/ECN It only because people got educated and found that conflict of possible interest they started demanding STP/ECn/ DMA type accounts... that is my friend my point that is why for example Betfair become so popular as a true Exchange rather than bookmakers trying to fleece you !
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