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Take a look at this one. A recovery play down from 250p. to 15p. Now back to 38p.
The main attraction of this stock is that John Hemmings (now the largest individual shareholder after buying 13% of the company) posts under the name of "value chaser" on the iii bb. Open a message and click on his name to see the postings he has made. He is now trying to get a position on the board. He also posts under the name of "bigjohn" on the Etrade bb.
The company is making good profits, but previous management has been removed after incurring a large debt, which can be taken out by selling off subsiduaries.
Looking for 60-80p short term.
As always DYOR,
Dropped severely after last post when a large sell set off stop-losses. This is an illiquid stock with only about 6mil. shares in circulation. 4 large buys totalling 810k today pushed it up 18%. Still plenty of upside IMHO.
Firstly, apologies for the duplicated messages above (Pigsy, they didn't come up on my 'puter after posting... thought they hadn't gone on)

Gearhouse up 14% today after news that John Hemming (I think he was involved with the Phoenix/Rover bid... sharp cookie anyway) has been appointed as a non-exec. director of Gearhouse.

He will no longer be able to post information on GHG, as he is now an insider.

After reading this and other BB's I decided that this might be 'a good punt'
I checked at 09:30 ...about 2000 shares traded and no price movement so left well alone. Checked again at dinner time ...up 20% and starting to fall.Story of my life!!!

Not surprised to see some profit taking today. With the results I expect there will be an announcement outlining the strategy of the new management which, I am sure, will be very favourably received. As these are coming out at anytime before the end of the year, I think it a little risky to jump out and in again, especially the way this jumps up. Some people feel they are overdue now.

Anyway, here is a little reading courtesy of citywire.

News this afternoon that the large shareholder who sold out, (James Emerson-Crane) and caused a landslide, has bought back in!!!
Since he sold, investor John Hemmings (Blakes clothing, Phoenix Consortium/Rover, etc.) has now become a director and the price has moved up vigorously.
Closed today at mid-price 41.5 and Hemmings stated it a buy up to 60p. before results, which are out sometime this month.
A good short, medium, and long term buy. Check out the posts on Etrade, advfn, and iii.
Zak Mir on I.R. pick also.
Anyone else in?
Good shout Paul, no i'm not in, like your double six though, a proper motor; me i have the triple version.
Thanks Steve, if you or anybody else jumps in, watch Winterfloods (WINS) on level 2. They are the lead mm., the others follow shortly after. If the price moves up on little or no volume, a delayed large buy is on the order books. Any trade slightly over the bid will be a buy. Buying any over 5,000 is difficult.

After some tree shaking (which didn't really work - still more buys than sells) by the mm's today, a news item came out after close that James Everson-Crane has bought back yet another bunch of shares and increased his holding to 4.75%.
The mm's would have known about this, hence the attempt to scare out some stock ready for an increase tomorrow. (I hope).
Might be a good time to buy a few. Down about 9% today. Watch out for the bounce off what seems like support level.
Results out sometime in December. I tried to speak to the F.D. today and get a clear date but he was in a board meeting. Will phone again tomorrow. Only about six more trading days left anyhow. Could rise significantly on the run up to results. Hoping for an accompanying announcement on their strategy re: high gearing, which I feel the new board will rectify pretty conclusively.