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Hi all.

I'm in need of help again - but that's another matter

My computer has been invaded by something called GAIN advertising. The pop-up killer won't destroy it, because it isn't a pop-up, it's more of a program :(

Any idea how to get rid of it :confused:

I'd use Adaware - that will get rid of any unwanted evasive programs like the dreaded Bonsai Buddy, or whatever his name is. Just head over to Tucows or Download and do a search for it.

Not sure, but there is one such program doing the rounds that cannot be got rid of by normal means. It has inbuild self repair. Most people have to do a format c: to get rid of it.

I hope for your sake that GAIN isn't that one!

My I recommend Norton Ghost or Disk Image so you can quickly restore your system to a known good state. Another product is Deep Freeze.

Also do not browse on your trading machines...


Gain is part of the gator network, you should be able to contact them through hopefully they will advise you on how to get rid.
Just to confirm what TBS said FB, it sounds like the gator program is the culprit. Do you have gator installed in your system tray? If so get rid of it, not a good idea to hold all your passwords and usernames on your PC :eek:)
Hi all

Thank you all for your replies, I really appreciate it :)

It looks like adaware has got rid of it. :)

JonnyT - I have to browse on my trading machine, I only have one computer :rolleyes:

TBS - Yeah, Gator is the culprit. I'm not sure how it got in. I haven't downloaded anything for awhile

Thanks again peeps