This may be just me, but I'm usually in the position of giving up by thursday because I can never actually close a position.

It's happened again this week with Pace (Pic). I think it was Weds pm I wanted to close - prog. accepted "Pending Closure" but then reverts to an open position.

Quite enjoy the interest of the competition, but getting pretty pointless. Where are all these £5000 gains coming from - only happened to me a couple of times - but seems another regular occurence ?

Anyway, not meant as a "pop", but I'm afraid competition does lose its appeal


Hi Hook,

Same thing happened to me. Wanted to close SHP trade +£117 yesterday but find just now it wasn't closed.
Sorry folks,

Should have fixed those problems already. Been so busy working on the new site, that I've neglected to fix the existing prolems. But for next week's competition I'll fix the problems with the price feed, no more 0p current price and you will be able to close your positions.

The new site will have a faultless competition with league table and lots of extra. So please don't give up on it quite yet! :)

And I've fixed Dave's entry from last week. Even though the entrants couldn't close their position, well done Chartman for winning the comp this week. Hopefully we'll soon have some prizes for the winner!

I guess you'll be winning this week....I waited as long as I could to enter but no luck. You can always add it now...MTN long CTM short....
Hi Martin, will add it tonight. Sorry folks that was my fault. Each week I enter the comp details (havent got round to automating that yet, and this time I set the date for 2001 instead of 2002, and only realised at 10.30 last night when I checked to see how many entries we'd had and found there was no competition. It's probably for the best anyway as atleast I can iron all the probs we've been having past few months.