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With the market being so depressive and most investors nursing serious losses I thought the best we could do would be looking for new, innovative trading methods to make up for the losses...the 2 posts I quote from an ongoing discussions on iii BB might well be a good start and give you all an idea of where to look for new innovative trading methods...enjoy :)


I'm so glad to find someone like maestroman on this board who uses indicators other than charts, forecasts, fundamentals and worst of all - business plans. It's all gobbledeegook and none of you really know what is going on at all! As always I listen to Mandu and she has her back turned to me which means a false dawn for Kingston...

This reminds me of the share competition that the Evening Standard Newspaper ran a couple of years ago between (about) 10 analysts and a cat - the cat chose his shares by throwing darts - obviously a very intelligent cat.

For the first week the cat was up with the leaders; however by the end of the game (which lasted a few weeks), the cat came nearly last (he did beat a couple of analysts if I remember correctly).

Shareholding is not only just a "clever-man-only" game - I want to play as well and if I prefer to listen to our Mandu then Mr Stilicho should have no problem in accepting this - so there.

(4) Puzzled by your problems with confusion caused by reading postings. I did try to write a reasonable summary about the business plan. If you're genuinely looking for information or advice, but found it confusing, you could have asked about specifics. But after all, if your cat has all the answers, why bother reading the bulletin board at all.

(5) As for whether I accept that you take investment advice from your cat - well, I don't have any opinion about something so ludicrous.

1)Well I think you are a man Stilicho and I think the citizens of Hull should be vey grateful to you for supporting their team. I agree with the new pensioner that you do a lot of great work FREE for them.

2)That makes a lot of sense to me but forgive me if I don't repeat what you said here - I'm sure those that want to will.

3)Well I had never meant to make unsubstantiated negative remarks about the company but if I did then doesn't this surely work towards making up the balance of the masses of unsubstantiated positive remarks about the company - not from you but I have seen others.

4) I actually don't know enough about it to ask a specific question other than do I buy or do I sell. And on balance, which as you know I am very fond of, and much as though I can see you really know what you are talking about I will continue to ask our Mandu her advice on what to do with Kingston.

5) If you don't mind I will pop up on this board if our Mandu has some advice, positive or negative I'm afraid, to give. It may seem ludicrous to you Mr Stilicho but she is everything to me and fortunately she cannot read but she is a cat...

I really do appreciate your taking such an interest in my contribution - Mandu and I had never expected such attention.

This discussion of innovative share trading methods and tips goes on, if anyone is interested, they can check on iii BB-kingston.. :)

further suggestions from our members would be appreciated :)

I don't have a cat, but there are plenty of squirrels at the bottom of my garden, sadly they are grey not red.

How do you train a squirrel to hold a dart?

Problem is it would do better than me ( it couldn't do worse)and I'd end up banging my nuts on the trees.

Mmmmmm that could be more fun than trading in this market.

Hi Joe...i too have a large number of 'greys' in my garden.
Try leaving a pint of Carling out for them. Don't know if they can hold darts but its a treat watching them falling off the washing line.
I have cats- lots of them. On a Sunday I get them round the PC screen by spraying it with Catnip.
Then here comes the Master Plan- I show them my chart picks.
when they see one they like the shape of( because it looks like a rat or a fish or something) they start scratching the screen with their paws.

That was the whole purpose of this thread Chartman to find out the secret behind your chart we know why it's been so successful... :)

Notice my poor show in the comp last week? The cats were ill and I had to do it myself.....
Seriously,last week I ran out of time and had to do a dart job.It's gonna be a proper job this week- the cats are all in tip top shape.....

I've had a word with my moggy, he says while your trading method is probably better than most, you will never succeed with Carling, which he says is for common cats ****. For superior results he drinks real ale, a superior brew.

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The cat thing!

I only have a goldfish,
But having spent a GOOD! 2 hours this afternoon in DEEP research,I have to agree that the CAT always wins for me.
You cannot fail with pussy,IMHO DYOR



If you give your cat shorts to drink does it give you shorts for the next week!