Current competition


Trying to close short on Iceland - pending noted but then reverts to open position.

Same problems as previously ?

Same for me, but barring an amazing turn around in fortunes, I don't think any one willl knock you off the top spot. I think Piggs is working 24 hrs a day on the new website, so maybe we can excuse him.
Hi hook4,

I thought I'd fixed the issues with closing your positions but when Helen pointed out to me today she couldn't close her position then it was obvious something was a miss. The problems have come about again I think for a different reason this time it's to do with changes to our database which have had a knock effect on all the scripts. But chartman is right I've neglected the existing site because I'm concentrating all my efforts on the release of the new website next Thursday evening, along with a brand new competition that won't have any of the bugs you've had to endure. Apologies for the problems, its been a decision whether to devote time to fixing exisiting problems, or using the time working on the new competition so we don't have these probs. I will fix the exisiting problems tonight so that you can at least close your positions tomorrow, unfortunately I won't be able to close them at the time you wanted today, but congratulations go out to hook4 for a storming peformance this week as I don't think anyone else is likely to come out on top tomorrow.

This will be the last competition on the old site and I'd like to thank everyone who's taken part so far. The new competition will be much better! :)