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I hit the big 50 later this year, having endured 30 years working for BT ( :eek: )....and have got early retirement with me pension :p

I have always fancied taking a pop at the stock market but me brain isn't so fried as to think its easy money or a doddle.

I am doing my research but I need someone to tell me please in terms of tools, what exactly do I need (I have a decent PC with broadband)....e.g. what sort of datafeed do I need (If any) - what do people recommend? prices? what sort of software? (is there anything out there that makes trading simpler than it might otherwise be, and takes a lot of the thinking out of the decision-making process).

Also, where do traders get their inspiration to look at one stock as opposed to another?

....and finally, is there anyone doing this in West Sussex who would let me come round and have a look at their physical set-up.....can't beat hands-on experience to see how things work (I appreciate people will be concerned at personal security issues, but if you contact me I can give independent references that will re-assure people)

Many thanks


Newtron Bomb

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Hi Judge Mental

Check out the top of each of the forums as there is a guide to each of the questions you have.

Re: stock choice i think it is down to personal preference as to what you like to do. Most folks go with what they know and stick with uk stock or index futures. The best advice would be go where the money is. So if the uk markets ever dicide to move more than a couple of pence then i may reconsider trading them. as it stands i trade the nasdaq as their are plent of opportunities even with a small list of core stocks that i trade.
For a trending market take a look at at the foreign exchange markets.

You should consider how you intend to trade, and with further research you will get to know what is meant by this ie day trade, swing trade, scalp etc and the amount of time you have may dictate which you do.

Newtron Bomb
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