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I am very happy to let you know that I'm making some more changes to the forum stucture. It's a while since I last took a look at this and I agree with many of you that they could be simplified even more.

At the moment we have 8 categories with 33 individual forums. Very soon we'll have just 5 categories and 18 forums. You'll see the main changes for yourself when they happen but the main headlines are:

* The creation of a new 'reception' category aimed specifically at new members/new traders.

* Merging a number of forums together.

* The creation of a new commercial forum.

None of these are too dramatic (I don't want a riot!) and I'm sure you'll soon get used to the new layout which I reckon is a big improvement on what we have now.

There will no doubt be some questions, comments and a few teething troubles and i'll be doing my best to handle these as they come up.

This will probably be done by the end of next week.
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Re: This is the new category format?

Okay folks, this is the new category format: T2W Forums

There are a fair few anomalies, e.g. where sticky titles don't match the forum title etc. Please be patient, and I'll do my best to consolidate everything next week. I'm bound to miss some though, so you can all take great delight in spotting the oversights - a bit like spotting a telegraph wire in a Dickensian costume drama!
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You know where yourself to have fundy, tekkers, moment mgmt etc under trading approaches... Granted I'm not around any more but I used to use that. Now all the methods are clumped innit


Sunnyc, you'll be pleased to hear we've made a further round of changes to the forum structure including bring back the Home Trader forum here:
Home Trader
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