Firewall attacks


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Fire wall attacks

I am being constantly attacked several times a day by Gator Corporation.My Norton Firewall stops it,but I am concerned that one day it could get through.
Before I had the Firewall I found Gator had installed it's program on my C drive and I am having trouble getting rid of it.
Does any one know what it is and how do i get rid of it.?
Thanks to . Blackhawk.Delboy.and eminem.

I have decided to remove the Gator thing and am doing that now.

Kind regards and lol to you all.

I have to say I find Spybot to be a truly excellent product and it does not leave anything behind that you do not want on your pc. You do have to be a little careful what you remove with it though, so I am not sure I would recommend it to true novices. But at least you can undo anything it removes if you subsequently find you really needed it after all.