Dr Iraj

There is an error in the post (need opinion from Dr iraj re AIQ v OT) . Sukh was the topic starter and I replied. In the post it says delboy was the topic starter and rakhtar replied to the AIQ V OT.
now fixed

Yes following on from the previous thread on this forum I can see we have a problem with duplication of old messages. And it seems that the duplicate thread has all the wrong names on?!? weird.

Unfortunately I can't just reimport all the old messages, because there are now new messages. Instead I think I will have to weed out all the wrong threads.

I've fixed that thread too.

You may have noticed I've started moving threads around quite a bit. Just trying to get the board organised. So if anyone finds there thread moved, its nothing personal, I just think its more suited to another forum.


I'm having to use the horizontal bar a great deal to get 'the wriiten page' to the centre of the page.
Have I a problem at this end, and can I adjust a setting. Or is it poss to 'toggle on/off' the blue side bar.

Is your screen resolution set to 800x600 ?- just a thought
and are you using IE5, or Netscape?

Sorry Cigar didn't see you post

Like Martin says, are you using Windows or a Mac, IE or Netscape and a large monitor with a large resolution or a small monitor with a small resolution.

Does the blue bar on the left of the screen stay compact - only a couple of inches across or does it extend further than it should?

Unfortunately there is no way currently to turn this off.

Also what do you mean by 'written' page, do you mean any page on the BB, or just the forum overview page, or the page displaying a thread for example.

Please let me know.

Also note you can now 'upload image to insert into post' so if you take a screen shot of the page and upload, that might also help.

Hi all

I'm on 95, with a 15"screen set to 800x600 small fonts. I think I'm on Int Exp but I never worked out what Int Exp does or is there for. If I cick on Int Exp, I always get some DN Error or something. I've always had AOL.

The blue side bar is OK and about 2" wide.
Writing this now, at the top of the page, my page stops at membe in member, unless I use the horiz bar.

If I go to the front pg, the one with £'s on it, thats fine.
I go I level in to, say, tech discussion, and my horizontal bar is required. If I move to the actual threads, the width is OK again.
Although, if I look at Martins MONI RT, I see the gragh, but have to use the horizontal bar to see the rt hand half of it

Hi Cigar,

I've tested the site on my 15" monitor, and I do get the horizontal bar in the TA forum, but only because the page is marginally too big. Your right about Martin's graphs, they are way too big and even on my 19" monitor I have to scroll too.

Am I too follow that you are using AOL's browser? I don't have this so I can't be sure how it looks, I don't use AOL. Can you use IE 5.5, that's what I use, and I'm sure it will better than AOL's offering.

Otherwise I might be able to reduce the width on the left, but only by a few mms.

Let me know how it goes,
To see the threads without scrolling you will need to set 1000x768 resolution on your monitor.
I'll post elsewhere about the charts I've posted.