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After several hours looking at a monitor,my eyes do get tired.Does anyone have any tips,suggestions?Do these laminated sheets containing a very thin metal mesh really reduce the radiation? Is there a difference between ordinary monitors and flat screens?Does anyone know of any health and safety advice/medical guidelines given to workplace computer users?
I find it impossible to look at screens all day. You must work out when you're least likely to miss something and go out, take a break. Give your eyes a rest. Years ago I was afraid to go on holiday in case I missed something. How crazy is that ?

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I remember a salesmen who turned up one day at our work and he was selling these screen filters which block out radiation.
He had a geiger counter which measures radiation and normal CRT emit a lot of radiation...
However, LCD flat screens don't emit any.. and we have flatscreens throughout our company so he left, tail between his legs.

So you're options are:

buy a screen filter
buy a flatscreen

That should help.. protect your eyes, you only have one pair.. unfortunately when i was younger I used to have a bog standard TV as a computer table and now I wear glasses :(
<i>unfortunately when i was younger I used to have a bog standard TV as a computer table and now I wear glasses </i>

Are you really blaming the TV ;o)

Just take a break or a kip (works for us old un's) when your tired.
Try to time it for the flatter spots in trading so you don't feel like you are missing out. (You will miss moves doing this though. Sods law.) In which case use stops and limits when away from screen.

Don't quote me on this but I believe the union office practice is for a twenty minute break every 2 hours when using vdu's/monitors etc.

radiation screens are designed by marketing people for stupid people. dont bother.

Ideally you should have a flat panel monitor as these reduce eye strain. if you can't afford one then you should make sure the refresh rate on your CRT monitor is set as high as possible (I think 70 or above).

You shouldn't sit too close to your monitor (at least 3ft away I think is recommended). You should take regular breaks. Look out of the window at a distant object to relax your eye muscles.

You should get your eyes checked by an optician once a year.

LCD screens is the only answer. Save up and buy some. They're getting cheaper all the time. Working at a 19" LCD is an absolute pleasure compared to a 17" monitor.... no more headaches or tired eyes.
I had a similar problem with eye strain, constantly looking at 2 19"CRT monitors.

My 'quick fix' was to increase the refresh rate to 85Hz on both.

It solved my problem instantly. (well...the eye strain anyway, Viagra solved the other one!) :LOL:

However, ultimately it's LCD !
agree with Glenn about the use of sound alerts

i'd much rather watch some tennis or soccer or whatever, and let the price do what the hell it likes until it triggers one

staring at any screen (flat or otherwise) for hours upon hours tracking a bunch of wiggly lines is a sure way to lose yuor sanity, never mind yuor eyesight!
..............the first sign of which is deliberate grammatical and spelling errors in postings
I agree with Chartman. Flat panels are the only answer. Since I dumped my 17" CRT's and replaced them with NEC 1760NX 17" flat panels eyestrain completely gone!

But also agree with those who say that you should develope a trading style using alerts, regular breaks etc - you gotta get a life!
I use 3 17" CRT monitors and had sore eyes from the glare/radiation. I have just purchased some Manhattan glass monitor filters which have reduced the problem greatly. They were only £8 each.
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may sound very simple but remember to blink. we tend to blink less when we are staring at computer screens.

you also need to give your eyes a break every now and again buy focusing on objects at different distances - so yeah look at the window every 10 minutes or so.

applies to both CRT and LCD.
I'm always surprised by how most people have the contrast and brightness set SO high, whether on CRT or flatties.

If it's on lower contrast/brightness i can happily sit in front of the screens for hours....(often have to, to try and claw back those losses....)....and I think it helps extend the life of the screen.
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I had really bad eye strain a few months ago. Bloodshot, Puffy...
Fixed it by a) reducing the Brightness as someone else said and b) had an eye test from an optician - recommended a new pair of glasses with a 'data filter'. They were expensive and I'm not sure how big a factor the filter played. Anyway, the combination solved the problem. Health is more important than money. (I have to say that as I'm not making any !).
i end up looking at multiple monitors for over 12 hrs a day - so i guess i have screwed up my eyesight big time

but, one thing i found was that making sure there was no other lights anywhere near my line of vision really helped - even a ceiling light that is not in your line of sight - but the light is kinda falling directly onto you eye - seems to have a real bad effect