EPIC - Where do you find them PLEASE HELP ME

You could try either of these :


For download quotes, just click on the country then alphabetical index...

For bigcharts, use the "search" symbol in the top left of the screen, choose the country then first couple of letters of your stock/index (sometimes takes a bit of guesswork this)

Are you looking for anything in particular???

Rosso :LOL:
Bodacious - you've now asked this question three times today on three different threads. Did you mean to do this?
I sorta did, I wasnt sure if I asked it int he right place. Its ok I have smaked my head for you :LOL:

I am not sure what to do about looking for a company to invest in ect ect. I dont understand any of this but I wan to.

I have some software by Techscan SETIO but if I use thier synbols then it says no company listed, which was why I wondered if the Epics on thsi site are different.

Dell Springs to mind shimble
The ticker for Dell is ... DELL

It depends on the software that you are using, but some need you to put the exchange in as well. I presume you have looked at the Help for how to select stocks, or looked at the examples they use.

Each equity has a ticker set by the exchange so that everyone uses the same, BUT it depends on the data feed that your software uses as to how that ticker will be displayed.

For example, ES03M, ES3M and ES`M are three versions for the ES ticker (emini Dow futures).

BA. in the UK is for BAE Systems, but BA in the US is for Boeing Aircraft Corporation. BAY in the UK is British Airways, but BAY in the US is Bayer.

So you need to check your software's requirement for adding the exchange in as well for it to locate it.
Thank you Rosso

I have a symbol/epic of V V SU but I havnt a clue what compnay it is and how I would therfore find it
I havnt seen any help??

Where is it, I cant even find a link to how to get back to my protfolio??
Can you clarify for us which country you are referring to - are you talking US stocks, or another country?

There is nothing listed in my database for V V S U in the US.
I think the software is US I have found one that is V V SIE so I might have been looking at it wrong, must admit it looked like W at first - doh!
There are a lot of "VV" s on the belgium market. See if this is any help:

go to www.downloadquotes.com, type in symbol lookup, then "vv" and "search all markets" from the scroll list.

sorry cant be of more help unless you know which market its on, but why would you want to invest with them if you know so little about them????

EEK - I'm getting this horrible worried feeling about the likely outcome of all this !!
My father uses an analysis system and in the last week virtually every stock in the market has come up as a buy. Luckily he is wise enough to realise the folly of this in the current climate, and is ignoring it. There are circumstances where the results from any analysis package are really not valid. I would be extremely wary of the "system to easy fortunes" analysis package.
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Hmmm ... sounds to me as if the rest of us should be shorting it then! :cheesy:

If it's not a mainstream stock with decent liquidity on a recognised exchange you should avoid it like the plague, and one which has an elusive ticker even more so!
Shorting tht is when you bet on it to go DOWN and then buy the stock at a lower price to cover your gamble????
Yes. A buy recommendation where fools rush in and buy an obscure stock is often nothing more than a 'pump and dump', therefore anyone who knows what they are doing will wait for all the buyers to rush in and then short the stock.

So that we can all see this wonderful-sounding :cheesy: software program, do you have a web link for it? Google comes up with nothing for Techscan SETIO.
Catsdad100 - I wish I could tell you this is all a wind-up, but I too have a horrible feeling that this is for real, with real people using their hard-earned money to chase rainbows.