EOD data


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we may have had this qu asked before, but i cant find-

I am looking for getting EOD data for the dax futures- about 1 or 2 months of history is enough......but obviously needs to update every day.

i know i can get that and the other futures from Bridge CRB for about $40 / month, but wondering if there are any cheaper alternatives?

Dentist- thanks for that- seems like the only futures they cover are the Euronext- i.e. mainly French.......

thanks anyway..........Al
The ones that i know myself are CSI and Bridge, but both give all the futures and about $40................
I think :rolleyes: that whenever this has been discussed before we come to the conclusion that you can't get futures data for free. You can get stocks, indices etc but for futures data you always have to pay.

Please feel free to correct me.
mmillar, i think u are right- simply because futures involve the xchange fees......... just wanted to see if there are alternatives..

FtseB- will have a look....TX

FTSE B- They all seem to be the indicies not the futures......

thanks anyway

yes they are indices, etc....

...but guys they are free?
I used to run a dept with >£3m GBP MDS budget and its mostly there free on the internet now! So who's paying?

Never into futures though so cant help.