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Agreed, I work off 1min. If things crash, I can have working patterns again in a couple of hours. It's still good to look at a bit of history now and again to see what the "fools" are doing. Mind you, they're always long!
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Automatic programme for PnF

If anyone is looking for what is (IMO) a very good package for producing PnF from OHLC data you should have a look at a package called Bulls Eye Broker (or something similar, I could look it up if people are really interested).

It is meant to be EoD only but allows you to (well actually you have to) import data so you could import 1min data with the dates changed so as to be consecutive days.

It doesn't include any kind of feed so is clearly only good for historical testing but then I understand lots of feeds will do short term PnF so the real problem is getting access to the historical stuff.

Once the data is in it is dead easy to vary the box size and reversal and print yourself off loads of charts (although it won't test strategies for you). Not amazingly versatile but only about £30 as a one off payment or something like that so ok to play with (as opposed to a proper back testing package for which I think you'd need something like tradestation) and much less tedious than producing it by hand.

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