Danka or Wanka?


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Hi folks,

I've carried some some very limited testing of PnF systems on the DAX using the current futures contract only since 5th March

The first uses 10x2 Pnf and a 2 box break to enter / exit trades.

This has returned 270 points plus an open trade likely to put 50+ points in the bag.

If you modify this to take 100 points when on the table then the result is 470 points.

A second system uses 10x5 and enters in the direction of any reversal. When in profit 70 points take it off the table. This is currently 470 points to the good.

Hi Jonny,

Well done I traded a FTSE hi/low breakout system which produced
good returns on backtesting , but was pretty crap when trading
in real time,, I probably fine tuned it to fit a specific time frame.
Which appears to be a problem with backtesting..

Do you just trade it intraday or do you leave open positions
overnight ?


EDIT Sorry I didn't realise this post was from April..