PnF lets tell everyone about this

I am an ordinary guy. Not the greatest trader but a trader even so. PnF has become my life and to this end I am determined to make it the peoples champion.

Is there a better way to see what's happening than PnF? Could I have bought my new house with no previous experience in the markets using any other method? Most will say yes there are plenty better systems. Have you bought a house using something you never knew existed a year before.

I read Dorsey. Not once but more than 10 times. When you understand what he says and then you take his concept and put it into the LSE then I believe you have one powerful tool to go with.

My thing is not to be another Darren Winters but to both continue my education as well as letting others in. I may sound naive, but I am determined to take PnF to the masses.

Over the coming weeks I will be trying to program the PnF indicators that Dorsey has convinced me are crucial to success.

I will need help and if anyone fancies coming in at the start and really believes in the point and figure religion now is the spot.

Thanks for taking the time to read this


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You're gonna get slated saying the above on your first post. You have been warned.

Also, everyone will be asking for your trading records (remember the account that grew so much you were able to buy a house). So don't wait for the slating, post it now.....

The General.


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Coopers952 - what exactly is it that you are suggesting/asking?

Who is Dorsey?

Are you Darren Winters son? (No, just kidding...)

If you really have something to share on PnF - great, let's have it!

I've never got on with it, but then that's just my shortfall.

I (for one) am more than willing to have you explain the intricacies and benefits to us on this forum if you've got the inclination.


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No need to programme Dorseys indicators. Already done by and large.
Bullish Percent for market and sector etc., Relative strength, Wykoff, etc.
BullseyeBroker software does it and includes backtesting.

Similarly PFscan I believe? (DaveJB)

And Tom Dorsey himself offers a pay-service on his website at

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Cheers Glenn,
quite correct ;)
I'm a little bemused to discover Tom D has the holy grail, frankly... must be one of those Da Vinci code things or something.


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"I'm a little surprised Tom D has the holy grail .."

Me too! As the current football song goes (sort of) -

Holy Grail? You're 'avin' a laugh!

Dorsey believes in combining fundamental analysis with P&F charting - I'd like to see how he plans to code that.

P&F's potentially a powerful technique in the right hands, but a religion, oh pleeeease



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I pretty well agree -
I'd not poo poo the idea of using FA, it's not how I choose to do stuff... for all I know there's an FA 'filter' that combines with a magical MA crossover system out there, I just don't see the need to go outside TA to try to improve what I do.
The religious bit does get annoying though - I was once told I'd got something wrong, the "proof" was a quote from TD. Nobody out there has 'the truth', and there's nothing in TA that is set in stone for ever (except possibly the simple maxim 'you will make a profit if your winnings exceeds your losses'). TD explains things quite well, but it's not rocket science and there's no route to instant wealth in there.
Oh, I wish JD luck, planning to program it all in a few weeks - I'm currently almost 3 years into Pfscan and still developing, Bulls Eye Broker was on the go before I started up so they've been at it even longer, Updata (nee Indexia) have a bit of a record in the field too ;)



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If you are trading illiquid markets fundamental analysis is actually far more relevant in many ways than technicals. Take something like the Power market, more about regulatory change, generation asset mix, weather etc. What we used to do for this was allocate weightings to various technical factors and plug them into a model, it worked quite well.
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