Editting messages

Hi, Tried to edit a reply i made 30/1, could not access it sent me to a log-on page repeatedly, gave up.
Seems OK

Hi Waldorf,

Was it the European Telecom (ETE) thread thatyou were modifying your reply to? Well I logged in as you, and managed to edit your post (just added a full stop to the end) without a problem. Perhaps if you log out and then log back in, it will clear the cookies stored on your pc, which may be corrupted and causing problems. Otherwise it seems fine to me.

Let me know if you are still having problems.

Still the same Sharky, its Hello guys and gals from Charty about being paid for her articles,last reply 31/1.
Click on edit/delete symbol - to log-on page - log-on, returns log-on page repeatedly no matter what i do.
Sorry, for the continued problems Waldorf. Whilst I'm trying to figure this one out, if you'd like me to make a change to your reply, then email me at [email protected] - as the administrator I can of course edit it myself, but I need to really try logging in as you and attempt to edit it. I see your still active on the BB, as of 11:45pm tonight.. so I'll wait until tomorrow morning to log you out and log in as you.

Also it might be worth trying to edit from a different browser or a different pc, as it might have something to do with Cookies, not our beloved member, but those little files the browser stores automatically on your pc.

Hi Waldorf,

Logged in as you and edited the post no problem. So I really am at a loss for why you are having problems. Like Rizgar I could log in as him without any problem, but he couldn't see the threads, now that was weird. He had to reinstall Windows, then it worked fine!?! Weird. But I'm not suggesting you should do that!

I think it has to do with the cookies stored on your pc. Try logging out from from the Overview page at the bottom right. Then if your using IE go into Tools->Internet Option->General->Delete Files-> tick delete all offline content then click the delete button.

Does the problem happen for editing all your postings, or is it just this thread?

Hi Sharky, Seems to have cured itself, ok now, been having a few probs with IE5 running out of memory, maybe something to do with that, to many programmes running at the same time. Thanks for your help.
Glad to hear it..

sounds like something weird going on with IE. Any more probs, just let me know.