AFL Error 61


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I installed the version 6.10 and an AFL that was working correctly, now has an Error 61:

_N( Title = StrFormat( Colortitle + Name_ + " - " + ColorTF + "{{INTERVAL}}"
+ Colortitle + " - " + DayName + " {{DATE}} Op: %g, Hi: %g, Lo: %g, Close: %g (%.2f%%), Vol: %g " + titlestrL +
" {{VALUES}}", O, H, L, C, SelectedValue( ROC( C, 1 ) ), V, Nz(StoplevelL)*100, Nz(TrailLevelL)*100, Nz(longtrailarray) ) );

File: 'Formulas\Custom\', Ln: 681, Col: 121
Error 61.
The number of format specifier(s) (%) does not match the number of arguments passed.
Use 'Edit Formula' to correct error"

I checked the code and google, found the help from Amibroker, but I was not able to fix this code. Can someone help me?


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