Dow Intraday charts 06/10 - 10/10

KanKoon? :cheesy: Lucky so and so. H&S? I see the day on ES as a failed Bear Flag. The turnaround at 8pm confirmed the failure...the target being 1032. It's got two possibilities. One is up, the other is up, but not so much. :cheesy:
wish it was KanKan :) nah its 3 hrs drive from la Frontera Nacional :) Ensenada.... as u can perhaps figure out, I am massively long a luvly pair of Mexican eyes - sorry completely off-topic :)

completely agree with u, CM. Especially seeing the way that last ND was swiftly negated. I am still very much in favour of 1068.

Good w/e to u

Spent all day Friday, bagged a massive 2 points.

So do you think we'll break out to the upside Monday, looks like a
triangle forming with the base at 9650 and apex at 9717 ?

The 15min chart, 100 EMA supporting the price action at the mo. & has done all the way from c.9340.

Keep the commentary coming, it's invaluable. It's slowly but surely sinking in!!!!

PS Anyone know if you can upload Sierra charts
Lockstock, anything with a plus in front is good.

My day was a definite minus. Saw the bear flag and a reasonable exit, fine. Should have quit there. Then I make a stupid trade near the end of the day and lose it all and some.

So what did I learn? Well 2 rules

1) Enter and exit only when the TA tells you to.

2) Don't forget rule one.


Still smilin' :)