Article Does The Bible Oppose Trading?

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A Christian Traders’ Dilemma
I recently heard a story about a Texas hold’em poker player trying to reconcile the apparent contradiction between his Christian faith, which opposes gambling, and his desire to be a professional card player.  With a bit of humility, he explained, When I sit down at that table, Jesus tells me, ‘Son, you’re on your own’.

As a Christian, my role as a steward of God’s resources gives me pause about gambling.  And as a trading coach, I continue to receive phone calls and emails from suffering traders who equate their trading with gambling.  They ask me, Bill, do you think it’s because God is against trading that I’m continually losing money?  Does the Bible forbid trading?  

Generally speaking, gambling is the hope that you will win a wager in a game of chance where the likelihood of profit is not better than 50%.  Trading, on the other hand, is the diligent application of knowledge, wisdom, patience and self control in the...
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Probably, but then it also opposes threesomes, lesbians, BDSM, drugs and all other sorts of vices so who cares?


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Thats the problem with christians, they are always looking for an excuse from a higher authority to forgive their sins. They want to gamble, and fornicate, and take drugs and generally live a fun life, but the weak minded fools need someone to tell them its alright, preferably backed up by an appropriate passage from the bible. Failing that they'll sin and seek forgiveness.

Trading is gambling, and I'm profiting from other peoples misery, furthermore my trading serves no useful fuction to society. Every single christian who trades is equally guilty.

IIRC Jesus (a normally peaceful kinda guy) went ape **** and kicked over the tables of those naughty bunnies who where exchanging money outside of the temple. If you ever needed a prime example of the evils of currency trading look no further !, and yet christians wriggle and squirm and refuse to accept the teaching of the bible, cos it doesnt suit the hypocritical gits !
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The church is one of the bigger investors out there with all the vicars pension funds etc.

Moral dilemma, one rule for one and one for the others or does no one really care/
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I care!!

People who are religious are, on average, less intelligent than those who are not - Fact.

The more "less intelligent" traders out there... the more money there will be sitting in the corner.

It's win:win... :clap:


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I knew when this article was being put together that it would get the reaction it did and from the same people who always have strong views on anything on this site. However, there is sufficient interest and especially from US traders in the subject of trading and religion to warrant it being published and that is why it has been. To not publish it just because there are a number of strong anti-religious views would be giving way to a form of censorship.



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the bible doesn't oopose trading.
but there are certain rules concerning interest that the bible address. (interest and therefore margin, loans, forex, futures all have limitations).


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Ezekiel 28:5
"By your great skill in trading you have increased your wealth, and because of your wealth your heart has grown proud"
Guess you have to keep your ego in check..why not hedge by doing some good deeds with all your money!!


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However, there is sufficient interest and especially from US traders in the subject of trading and religion.
Well, that is a surprise.

To not publish it just because there are a number of strong anti-religious views would be giving way to a form of censorship.
I'm sorry, but I find that somewhat disingenuous. All publishers exercise editorial discretion. What they do publish says something about the overall purpose and aims of the publication. That in itself is not an issue of censorship.

If posts on the forums were being removed, that might be considered to be censorship, but so far as I am aware, they have not.

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