Do you know what traders spend their first profit on?

Vladimir Rojas

Junior member
To find it out, we questioned our traders. And the answers were surprising…
  • 51% of traders spent money on a party with friends. What can be more important than fun? That’s true, nothing!
  • And yet, our traders keep thinking about the future.
  • That’s why 29% of them invested in the next trades.
  • A bit fewer traders paid off their debt - 14%.
  • And 6% underwent augmentation surgery... just kidding, they covered healthcare service.
So, what would you spend your first profit on?
I originally started trading to get more income to help out with bills. I believe my first profit was spent on my car payment. I was about $100 short without the trading income and managed to make a larger payment than was required, which felt great at the time because I'd been struggling.
I party only when I've made a huge profit. I think it’s important to appreciate and treat yourself after a win. Sometimes I buy something for myself and other times I invest my money back into the account for trading.
Treating yourself and living in the moment is important for sure but whether you trade or not doing so within the confines of at least a rough budget is a must. It's no good just YOLOing your winnings. Being rich doesn't mean you automatically have wealth.
Thanks for sharing the information. It is quite interesting point to find out that traders spend their first profit with their friends most. I spent my first earning to meet some of my urgent needs. I had spent my profit to invest in the market later though.
Spend it on more Trading knowledge and research .....