Do you believe in bitcoin?

What do you think about Bitcoin future in 2 years

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Yeah, just after 96% of WSJ economists say Bitcoin is a firm buy @ $19500, target $100K :cheesy:!/96-o...le-00-20191218

Same to you my friend...:LOL::LOL:

I have no quarrel with those who have bought it/buying it/profited from it or mine it...hats of to them, I see it as nothing more than a high stakes gamble, Its not for me.... I witnessed the pain of some members on here after the swiss franc cap was lifted, life changing losses. It opens your eyes. :eek:
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anyone with some kind of EWT count on bitcoin?

this must be some kind of a third wave down or C?

and its not over?


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do you believe in love! in magic coins???!! in santa claus?

Hmmmmm ?


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do you believe in love! in magic coins???!! in santa claus?

Aha-ha:) "Do you believe in life after love?
I can feel something inside me say,
I really don't think you're strong enough, no" :)

So, now, after this falling I believe in 12500 but after that will fall again.
The situation has acquired a different character and now I'm thinking about the bitcoin of 8,000



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"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it"



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Of course many believe in it, especially those who've managed to invest in it already. That's why of course they believe in it, and in general the forcast is that it'll grow while there will be cryptocurrency.


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I definitelybelieve that bitcoin will cost $ 50000


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If it breaks 10K after weak hands take profit I will take long positions on Нotforex, because basically it will mean U-turn in sentiments and ease bubble concerns.

Hudson Jack

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I like bitcoin because i believe in it. What i have understood is that bitcoin is not a get rich quick scheme. Don’t invest in bitcoin merely to make profits rather invest in it if you believer in the philosophy behind bitcoins.


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@ Hudson Jack.


I believe in cryptocurrency.

Not because the wide fluctuations in value are a ticket to get rich quick.

& not because 'bitcoin' is likely to replace major fiat currencies as a reserve of value any time soon.

But because it has the potential to open up huge new markets to vast swathes of investors.

Anyone with a product to sell needs customers to be able to buy it.

Traditionally, you are restricted to a customer base in a fiat currency that you can process into value.

That is no longer the case.

Now you can potentially sell to anyone with access to a smartphone, anywhere on the planet.

Never mind the existing customer base in limited fiat systems.

That's a massive market of potentially nearly 3 Billion new customers that wasn't able to trade with you before.

& if that's not a staggeringly blatant investment oppotunity, then I don't know what is !



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Don't think it's helpful to use words like 'growing' about Bitcoin without context indicating what 'growth' means.

For example, Bitcoin's 'growth' is fixed in that it is mathematically predetermined by design. This is probably not the growth being referred to.

And position? Well, Bitcoins position is going to be all over the place (as it always has been) while hoards of people who have zero understanding of it speculate on it's value in the hope of getting rich and hoards of regulators do everything in their power to prevent it becoming an established means of exchange of value.

Go figure, lol.



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December 2017 = $15,000

December 2018 = $3,800

December 2019 = $6800


December 2020 = $12,500 or 15,584 or 21,568 (Trade, trade, trade, trade only)

December 2021-22 = $300 (Trade, trade, trade, then from $600 start Buy Buy Buy Buy as investment. New Millionaires/Billionaires will be born. the 1st trillionaire will be a Bitcoin cat by 2025-30.
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