Do you believe in bitcoin?

What do you think about Bitcoin future in 2 years

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In past history they banned owning gold. If there is competition for there fiat currencies central banks have the power to ban btc...its already banned in India and more countries.
What do you think is the future investment direction
Market Size: FX $1,723T, Fixed Income $100T, Equities $90T, Commodities $20T, Crypto $328B.

Global Monetary easing $20T.
Gold market $7T
FED easing $7T

At $328B Crypto could get to same size as gold mkt so a 21x on btc $210,000
But they could preempt the move and bring in a ban on btc exceeding all time highs there not going to let it get there.
In 2 years time the conversation would be something like....

Hey, who remembers that digital coin thingymajig a few years ago that destroyed loads of peoples lives ? was it called Coin-Bit or something ? People with no idea of risk management kept buying it right up to 20 feckin K dollars, then more experienced tarders jumped on the bandwagon in fear of missing out...Yeah:-0..Didn't it drop to zero in a few days then was never heard of again ???:LOL::LOL::LOL:
And instead....
3. The 'proof of work' model is unsustainable as there simply isn't enough computing power / electricity to maintain it.
If the tech geeks can overcome these three key issues, then Bitcoin may have a future. To be fair, my understanding is that the 'proof of stake' model overcomes the third issue and has been adopted by other cryptos - although not by Bitcoin as of yet.
That was also my idea .
Than I have read this:
So, now we are in a world where a Cryptocurrency Exchange is worth more than a major global oil company.

If nothing else, that fact alone should be causing Central Bankers a few sleepless nights.

Wow just seen I voted in the right category on the poll! 😂
It was just a fluke, I was just saying "I have no idea, anything's possible..."
Yes, I kind of do. I have actually developed an interest in bitcoin and how it has risen in value over the past few years. I think it will keep increasing in value in the coming years and might even pose some challenges to the other digital currencies. Obviously there is no way that people can correctly predict how it will hold up in the future but my hope is that it keeps growing by day and leaves a window for us to make money out of it. I might even go ahead and invest long term in them sometime around this year or so. Thanks for asking.
In my opinion it will definitely grow up.more than 60 000, 80 000 even 100000 but in a long distance. So it's need to be cacthed when price goes down and buy as much as you can.