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Did anyone else get the FTSE100 Cash price spike on their systems which peaked at about 5.30PM Tuesday?

On my system, it gained about 420 points in 5 minutes.

I am just curious to know whether or not anyone had an open trade on at the time (in either direction) and if they benefited/lost out because of it.

Very strange.

I have attached a screen print of this.


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I have noticed numerous such cock-ups at d4f, but never been able to trade them. I have even had margin calls as a result. Having lost many thousands thanks to d4f's system problems, I have stopped using them.


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Hi barmy

You obviously had sufficient funds to cover the position, but I wonder if you had not removed the stop whether or not you would have been stopped out.

Also, what if your funds were insufficient. It could have wiped you out completely.

I'll see what Deal4Free have to say.




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Apparently it was a 'technical error' and they said that this wouldn't affect open positions.

So there we are.


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I was long ftse and short Dow when it happened I tried to see if I could close the ftse side of the bet at the price quoted for a £1400 profit but alas it wouldn;t let me !!!


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I tried to enter a short position at 4790 but I could not.
I noticed this happenning more than once, they indeed need a more reliable system!


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I was once stopped out by D4F by a spike. I thought "sod it" and moved on. However, I was pleasantly surprised the next day when I got an apologetic phone call saying my stop had been executed in error and they were restablishing my position, and giving me back a load of cash as a result. I don't SB these days for other reasons, I trade indices and SB spreads will never match futures and I'd rather trade the underlying than some synthetic concoction of an SB company. However, I can't really complain about the service I used to get from D4F when I did.


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Your post is an insult to all the members who have been cheated by D4F.

Your own logic must be a case of crooked thinking - you used the words ' whinged - as usual '. Well why do you think this is so if D4F are acting fairly?

I suggest that great big yawn would get wiped off your face if you lost hundreds or thousands of pounds because they tucked you up.

You'd be bleating just as much as the members you seem to have so much disdain for.


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If you're so sure that D4F are cheating you , then you'd better dump them :cheesy:
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For people who are perhaps just getting into trading or maybe want to get into it but haven't the financial resources to go 'pro', then the likes of D4F offer an affordable option.

However, just because they are affordable shouldn't mean that users have to live with sloppy systems etc (not that I am saying they have, of course).

It's like saying 'my car is knackered' and someone telling you to ditch it and get a new one. It's not always possible. D4F just seem to be the best of the 'affordable options' and so people will want a good service from them and rightly so. After all, they are messing with clients cash.


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To use the analogy with a 'Used Car'...

The problem is not that the car is 'knackered', it is that the drivers haven't learnt to drive yet. It seems that people speed down the road, bouncing off parked cars, knocking cyclists off their bikes and hitting little old grannies on pedestrian crossings, and then complain that they’ve been sold a terrible car with scratches and bumps all over it.

If you don't like D4F there are plenty of others out there (unfortunately the analogy doesn’t hold at this point – it costs nothing to change brokers). If you think they are fixing the prices, then arbitrage them. Instead of whinging and whining every time you lose £5.50 put some of that effort into learning how to be a better trader.
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