Day trading the DOW 21/04/03


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I have said in a previous post, that I found it very useful to chart the dow cash on D4F as it automatically included their "bias". As you rightly say, this was an occaision that would have been to your advantage.... There was a time when one could take the D4F chart and price and use it to trade Fins, who where a few seconds behind with their algorithm. This enabled me to scalp very successfully!!! Sadly that got quickly sorted and is no longer true...
It may be the case that they use a combination of DOW, ES and NQ futures to "compute" their prices... hence the anomaly at the bottom.We'll never know.:(

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Chartman -u right they do, I know it for a fact. In usual circumstances when NQ outpaces the blue chips at the extremes, they actually place their bias on the "wildest" wing.


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Boring, but profitable day. Take your choice on an entry for a short and walk away. Probably the easiest stress free 100+points you'll ever get..... No divergence, No H&S's, No triangles, NOTHING. Yawn yawn.
Highlight of the day may have been a long entry at around 16:30 ( reasonable decision) that very quickly failed.
Now I'll tell you why that was a BAD move!
Remember I spoke a while ago about guaging strength of moves by the RSI/Price ratio. Take the previous bear flag- 16:30 - 17:20. RSI moved up from 25-70- 45 points. Price moved 24. 1:2
The down move was similarly pathetic, if not swift.- 30:52
With numbers as weak as that , the price was going NOWHERE, fast. All the strong moves were in the initial drop to 8300.
More bear flags meeting target than I've had hot dinners.
Check the 10 Min chart. We've now dropped out of the up trending channel and it looks to be a perfect support /resistance switch.


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