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Another 60pt + move on the DAX this am-Didn't trade it 'cos my D4F MM will not open :mad: , but saw it well in advance. Had to uninstall & start again.

Hopefully going to start trading this index instead of the UKX, primarily 'cos the software co. don't do the UKX real-time, but there also seems to be a lot better movement than it's UK counterpart.

A gap appeared on the Dax cash- yesterday just been filled this am. Once again the shooting star called the top & the EP 10 ma assisted with it's 'wrap over'.

Only 44% of MM to download, what's the betting that I get timed out & have to go thru' the whole rig marole again :mad:


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Use Bt HomehighwayISDN with onetel as the ISP- it cuts off & resets every 2hrs- takes about 4 seconds. Only drawback is if you are downloading something.

Noticed there was some freeware that grabs hold of any down loaded data & saves it in the event of a crash or internet termination. Godzilla I think it's called-only downside to it - tons of adverts.

Well 80% down loaded- my calculation 20% in 20 mins- fingers crossed.

Just been timed out at 95% :mad: :mad:

Cheers Oaty, I'll try them !!

Dax looks to be trying to head north again.!
Ha Ha....I was trying to download Open Office and it's about 62MB. After 3 attempts gave up downloading and downloaded the downloader to download it :cheesy:
INDU 5 min MA's turned +ive at c. 1440hrs.

Could be a good short at the back end of today- still not back trading.


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I notice u also live in Norfolk. If you get completely stuck I have the latest MM5 download, could put it on CD for u to collect.

Not sure if you needed to re-install as there was a software upgrade by D4F this morning which meant it would take an extra 15 mins or so to log in. If I had seen the post earlier I could have warned you - then again it may have needed re-installing, you never know with D4F :rolleyes:
Cheers Blash,

Gonna give it another try on the next cut off point( onetel) It should do it under the 2 hrs- it's like trading :D it's all in the timing.

If it fails I'll take the disc :D Where abouts are you in the cul-de-sac?
I'm set to redial 300 attempts at 1 second intervals if not connected :cheesy:
You shoudn't have any probs with Leechget :cool:
Nearing a top?? No indication yet!!!

Oaty - I'll PM yer- save cluttering the thread up.

Blash - Just received yours- will return likewise :D


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I cant use mm5 at all because my system is not compatible.
still using old web based software.
always available in emergency lockstock.
I keep thinking the Dow's going to turn over. Dangerous thoughts. Looking at the YM, the vol is cr*p.
As they say, "market up, volume down, sell it" :cheesy:

Forgot about that- one to remember for the future- still p*55ed off about missing that short this am.

Started the downloader- should be ok this time.

Just received Elder's ' Come Into My Trading Room', so going to immerse myself in that for the next hour, then see if there are any shorts to be had in the last few hours :cool:
Hi Lockstock,

What else are you plotting on your chart besides the candles ?

(My DAX trading has gone to pot lately - I'm looking for new ideas !!)


Hi Lockstock/All,

Just started looking at the DAX, having concentrated on the DJ recently - I see that RSI ND tops and PD bottoms that we know so well from ChartMan's guidance, are giving some very clear sell/buy signals on the DAX 10min chart.

Must give it a try, I need something to do in the mornings :cheesy: , just wondering if my eyes will hold up 'till the DJ closes :eek: !!



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