DAX Intraday - November

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DAX Intraday - December

now the Dax is restricted to sociable trading hours, I am thinking of starting to trade it again.

is anybody interested in contributing to a day traders thread and
sharing real time thoughts or analysis ?
it now trades same hours as ftse
although being european they call it 9.00 to 5.30.

I gather you don't trade it ?

well done , yes Dax & swiss for me. should prove interesting as most threads seem to be based on US instruments.

Has anyone had experience of VERY slow DAX fills with IB? I'm loathe to spread-bet but if anyone has any thoughts?I'm trading 4FTSE at the moment with very little slippage.I run the same timeframe charts of FTSE and DAX together so wouldn't mind trading them together if someone could convince me of the benefits of DAX spread-betting.
I do trade the Dax so it probably seems like a silly question to ask.

Its just that I was convinced that when I was just watching the Dax and not trading it in Nov/Dec 2002 I was sure it opened at 7:00am (GMT), then I traded other instruments for a while and have only recently returned to the Dax but wasnt sure whether they had changed the trading hours.

Sounds like a great idea though, I have frequently read the Ftse posts to see what you guys are upto so a Dax thread would be great.

Here's what I'm looking at.

I'm currently investigating and occassionally trading trend reversals based on volume and watching the Bund. The Bund has a nice inverse relationship to the Dax.

Basically I'm watching a 2 minute chart of the Dax, looking for strong moves with high volume (over 1000 contract in a 2 min bar), then looking to trade in the opposite direction to the bar.

There was a good example today at 09:20 (German time) which led to a nice up move.
Unfortunately when I switched my PC on this morning there was a virus which took an hour to sort so I missed it.

There was another reversal at 11:00, the same time the Bund had some higher volume on a down move.

Any views/comments welcome as its still early days for me.


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I got that wrong, sorry about that.

they used to trade half way thru' the evening as well, but not
until the dow closed so you were left somewhat in no mans land.

they have now announced the change of times to bring them in line with cac and ftse (although it was really because there was
hardly any after-hours business)

portending one pan european exchange in the future ?
in the same way that nyse is pan america.

this may not be the best time to start a thread as dax has hit its head on its major fib ?
5445/2197/50% !
so that' what I am looking at.
home thoughts of abroad

I chart the cash


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I've day traded the Dax since 99', IB futures, as well as some eurostox when volatility picks up.

Would be interested, don't know how to put charts up on here though :)
thanks Bonsai :D

Gap turnaround

Today showed up a regular pattern. Market Gapped away from the close (furtherthe better) and was unable to move lower after opening 45-60 mins.

Note how market holds around 5 min 20 period MA until the strength of the downtrend shown by the ADX indicator trickles down to a weak trend.

Entries for this are wedges or flags, with 10 tick stop initially. More than 90% of this kind of set up continue to trend till around 10am, if you get 3 consequtive surges the 3rd or 10am usually gets you most of it.

Pattern seems to be from longs shaken out in this case and shorts on board, whatever the reason it is a good squeeze move.


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Hi Dax,

cannot view your document for some reason, just get a small icon in the top left hand corner...........anybody any ideas why this is??

Apologies Jay

just a simple Word docuement - the .bmp was too big, seems to work when I download it, Ill try resaving and attaching.

from the narrative, I assume it is meant to be a chart.
but .doc is a word document.
we're working on it .
well done
its big but it's fine
it's better than paul's. It's got the scale on it !
Bonsai, e.a
Great idea to start a DAX day trading thread. I think Chartman's weekly DOW thread can serve as a great example for this thread (eg keept technical, concrete and start new threads on a weekly basis).
I tend to trade US but trading during UK hours has lot of appeal. My recent experience is that trading DAX during morning until about 1pm GMT, is good preparation for the afternoon onslaught. It's long day but can be very rewarding.
at this stage I am only sounding out what sort of interest there might be.
technical, concrete and new thread each week ?
I think we can do the technical bit.
what sort of mix for the concrete ?
1 of aggregate to 2 of banter ?
new thread each week ?
doubt it.
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