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Is CQG off the scale when it comes to costs for reliable data?
by the sounds of these messages the going rate seems somewhere between $20/$200 I'm guessing CQG at about $1k for all european/us exchanges/quotes/news/tools. Do you really get a comparable service/such a greater return for the underspend? I've been using esignal for a couple of months and it is comparable to CQG, but the european data lags when the us comes on or gets busy so then you miss your exit/entry? stop trading? miss opportunity? pay up for CQG? 4 x cost but then you have the data, albeit with all the bells and whistles too? Anybody else using CQG?
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I don't use CQG, but am always being told (or so it seems) by 'professional' winning traders that there is nothing to touch CQG for data speed and reliability. One of these days I shall get around to trying it out for myself ...
I trade using IB for execution and eSignal for data but more and more I am beginning to feel that I could do just as well with IB and Quotetracker – more I know less perfect data I need.

The change of trading style from frantic scalping to more relaxed larger time frame trading led to more profitable way of doing business.

So, is the infallible real time data feed overrated? For me it would seem so.
Downloadable Intraday Data

Does anyone know where I can get cost effective intraday data that can be downloaded at the end of the day preferabley in ascii format.


I'm sure it's been covered many times, but can anyone update me on Mytrack/Sierra charts?

I currently use ADVFN chartS, but they are cumbersome & I'm getting fed up with it.

I don't want to give up the advfn subs yet as I have LII - although not really using it much right now as I'm concentrating on the UKX.

So I'm looking for a cheap intraday solution - with good charting facilities to trade the UKX and I like the look of Sierra.

The concerns I have are that I have heard the charts don't update historically. Is this right? How do people manage to draw trendlines etc if this is so?

I've also noticed that mytrack data is often different to Sharescope, which worries me?

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ps Trader333,

Investorease do an cheap update which can be downloaded several times a day.

Hi olwen,

If you are using Sierra with an IB feed there is no historical data. If you are using it with Mytrack there is. Sierra charts are great to use and I'd be amazed if they weren't what you were looking for. Why not try out the free demo?

When you say Mytrack and SS differ are you sure you are comparing the same things? If you are using the free live Mytrack UKZ.X feed it is one they calculate themselves. The SS reatime feed comes direct from the exchange.


Yes, I've got the Sierra charts demo & I like it a lot, I was just concerned about the feed. Some months ago I remember reading that the ukz.x has no history & the ukz.l does.. - Now that I've written it down, it's rung a bell that I think I was looking for tick data at the time. So I guess I'm looking for someone to tell me that the data feed is reliable with historical intraday.

Many thanks

Hi Olwenh and Helen,

Thanks for your replies, I got myself sorted out with the data which is working well with my software.


olwenh said:
Some months ago I remember reading that the ukz.x has no history & the ukz.l does

That is no longer true, at some point in the past few months MT started supplying historical intraday data for UKZ.X

Overall I find Sierra/MT a useful cost effective solution for data. However, MT is not 100% reliable, though it's probably not bad overall. I find IB more reliable, it tends to keep going at times when MT gives up. However, IB has no history. I'm currently working by using the Windows scheduler to copy the data files from my MyTrack Sierra installation to my IB Sierra installation early in the morning. Then, provided I fire up IB before 8:00am, I have the history and the live data feed from IB. It seems to work well. I'm trying this out for a month, and if I continue to be happy I may drop the real time MT sub, as the 15 min delay is not important if I update the data files out of trading hours.

Thanks for that,

I'm not ready for IB - the amount per contract is too much for me until I can prove consistency.

do you know what package I would need for ftse index only? and would I need to pay more for the dow & s&p500?

many thanks,

Hi olwen,

You need the silver sub and you can get the FTSE cash free with that.
Hi olwen,

Sorry I forgot that bit!

You can get INDU live and free but not SPX as far as I am aware. If you want the futures you can get S&P for $10 a month with Mytrack and ACE (for mini dow) free via IB.
more questions...

been over to the sierra charts site and to mytrack and I'm confused about the pricing.

The Sierra website says that the charges are $25/month delayed (price of Sierra Chart data option in myTrack - but I can't find it) and $45/month real-time (additional $20 for the real-time silver plan).

The myTrack website says the 'basic' is $4.98/month for the delayed service & $19.98 for the realtime silver + exchange fees. (I can't see any options to add an exchange).

So what do I need to run a 'test' system for the indu?

Can I get away with $4.95 so that I can get a feel for the package, although I don't plan to trade it ?

tks in advance