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I admit that watching these videos that do not contain any messages puzzles me. They introduce a new big investor... Ok, so what? They say that they are working on big news that can not advance... Well, we've been more than one year hearing the same and waiting for those big news. I don't need big news but if you say that will give me some big news. Give it now or shut up claiming shit.

Sorry, I'm lost with those guys. They have a great company but they are completely drifting, at least on their Marketing strategy.

The Interactive Brokers was a shadow with almost any practical effect. Where are those great news announced at the beginning of the IB thing? Now it is this new investor. Ok, it's a good thing that someone is willing to invest on your Project. But come on! If you make a new video you should send a message, not just introducing a 'friend'
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The positive news is tha t at least something is moving after one year of dark ages.

They will restore ask me anything videos so ther will be abit more transparency and information about what is going on and what are their plans.

the message is that they are "evolving" even if we dont' see any signs of this evolution. 😁
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It seems that Darwinex is starting to advertise single darwins with banners.
Now it's getting really poor.
Didn't they learn from their recommendations of HFD?
and the expensive banner is suppressed by ad-blockers. 🤣
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