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Is Spanish licence or IBKR preventing them to improve investable attributes?
There is no improvement needed as most of them are useless for an investment decision, but nice to look at their developement if you are the trader.
Most attributes reward certain strategies and punish changes in strategy.
Same is with D-Score - but there is room for improvement to punish profitable traders less.
Is Spanish licence or IBKR preventing them to create advanced educational material for investors?
Educational material is worthless if it does not help to find profitable Darwins in time.
It does not help to tell investors about long term bla bla and hold Darwins for years if they lose 30% of their investment in DDs within one year.
Even now when NDX went down: If you have bought any well know stock like AMZN, TSLA, AAPL and others 2 years ago and compare it with the backtest of the model portfolio - what could you find out as a buy and hold investor for the last 2 years?
Who has more alpha for investors - the backtested portfolio or AAPL? ;)
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That's great news. I'm happy to know they're not a zombi company. I really believe that. Well, we'll see if/when there are movements and improvements
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That was pretty clear to me after they stopped their Marketing activity that was very centered on Youtube content sharing their (Juan Colon mostly) vision and new ideas.
I dont' think having Juan Colon repeating the same story over and over would help much.
They already have Twitter where they keep repeating everything ad nauseam.
The problem is that investors are leaving, so they have to provide content for investors.

Content for traders is very good but let's suppose an algo trader needs that education...
From that point he needs at least 3 years, 1 year of development and 2 years to produce a decent trackrecord.

From my monitoring the net balance of traders is stable while investors are leaving so they have to help investors.
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