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[DARWIN] MDU by jonfuentesx - Elpredador

Hello everyone!

After these last months of inactivity through the forums, I return with good news:

- I have carried out a considerably in-depth process of statistical analysis on the history of MDU.

- I have made statistically favorable changes in the way I do trading that should become visible in the coming months. These changes have been made manually for maximum effectiveness, sacrificing the efficiency and ease of using automated forms of enhancement.

- I have created a crypto fund in synthetix. It will begin to be used when the price of gas is reduced in the update "Berlin" of ethereum. I will publish the address for those who are interested in investing earlier, perhaps in exchange for a reduction in my manager fees.

Greetings, jon.
That feeling when you are 3º in Darwinia and the asignation is 250k+ but you have only 500 euros in the account and the rest of the assets on crypto, effectively being assigned 30k max