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I had forgotten about this article but anyone who previously thought it may be worth a go would be utterly idiotic to consider doing so after reading this article.



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lol.im looking for a houskeeper aswell but it dosnt say on the report if he is any good,so im looking elsewhere!!!
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Good point, vill4n! What was I thinking?


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i hear he is doing a course on housekeeping - you must go - it will be fabulous and he is such a nice guy - will be just super to learn all the ins and outs of doing the daily wash! and he must be good at housework - because he said he is!


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... and must be a great housekeeping course cos it'll cost several mortgage payments as well :)


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Darren has got a slating in the Mail on Sunday


Doesn't trade. Promised for several years to start a fund so people could see his "skills" in action.
Director of a bust company but his name was not listed in compamies house due to (according to his lawyer to whom Darren immediately passes all enquiries) "a clerical error" which is now corrected. (It isn't).
Guess he will always find mugs or innocent dupes !


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Its a shame so many get sucked in but then if you expect easy money.......


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jezza888 said:
Its a shame so many get sucked in but then if you expect easy money.......

I know his sister....


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neil said:
Guess he will always find mugs or innocent dupes !

There'll be loads :) But from the article, he promised to refund the poor chap. If he behaves consistently, he'll soon broke (again).

I was curious and attended his freebie. Immediately spotted a liar and never signed up to anything. But I saw some pensioners, Asians and young people who looked jobless to me. You would cling to any straw if you think you're about to drown/die, wouldn't you? Basically, he was selling people HOPE. And it was selling like hot cakes.

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