CW trades today


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Anybody here follow CW ?

Large drop today on vol of 28m, high for CW.

Views anyone ?
Looking interesting. Picked it out tonight before seeing your comment.
Bullish divergences forming on RSI and TCI indicators. Two down days, suspect another but worth watching.
Hi Morris and welcome to trade2win

Been watching CW all day cannot see any reason for drop other than market sentiment. Nothing in the newspapers today.
But it has support at 852/849 then 805/786 so both of these places look like possible places for a bounce.
As you know more than most this is a very tradable stock and could quite easily bounce 70 points from here back to around 1020.
I did pick a few up at 865 yesterday and will add to my holdings if we get a bounce.

Cheers Jeff
Following a buy signal on OT, I got in at 920 2 days ago, thinking a pop to 1000 or a bit more was on the cards. Sums up my current run really! Seriously though, I think there are 2 things of note. One is that CW is capable of q. seep rises, as I suspect it is one well traded, with people rapidly moving in and out. The scond goes back to an excellent article elsewhere put up by Sefty - a conversation from the chatroom on the top down approach - a lesson I had forgotten. Therefore, with sentiment as it is, not too surprising. However, I think it won't be too long to get my 10%!!!
Difficult one to call, but it HAS been in a down channel, 100p wide, since 10/01/00. Support is @ 802, having broken local support of 848. Substantial volume suggests no more sellers left.